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I’m not perfect. I’m not going to lie.  As a writer I make a lot of mistakes while writing.  But  we all do as  writers . We can’t  be afraid to admit our writing  faults. We have to be confident and strong even in  that. The sooner we  admit our  writing mistakes  to ourselves, the sooner and the better we fix them.  And  also we can’t  be afraid  to  accept  support and advice from other writers.  We  have to be strong  together  and help each other succeed  with  each other’s  writing.  And build a community  that strengths  our  creativity . Never be jealous of your fellow writer. That is  solely important . 

Two of my  main writing  mistakes   are  proofreading and  Grammar.  I tend   to overlook  the spacing  when  I’m writing.  And  also sometimes   I write certain grammatical phrases  and  use  one word when  I mean  another.  For example  Further vs. farther.(“Farther” describes how “far” in terms of physical distance, while “further” is used in the other cases.)  These  mistakes are not minor .  If  I’m not  careful  and do it too much  it will turn away  any  reader, whether beta or editor  from my work. So  I must be careful and look up and double check  each phrase  and word  before  hitting any submit button .  I must also  double  check  the spacing  as  well.

Those are my 2 main writing  mistakes  that I can see within my own writing. And  I often get help from other writers  who can  catch the mistakes  and  show  me what I can fix .

Here are 3 other mistakes that some  writers  might  make  as  well. 


I was  once a victim  to  doing that.   Trying to write  for everyone else.  Trying to write  what was  trending  .  But  the  problem with that is that if you try to write  for everyone else and not yourself.   The  writing itself might suffer.    So what you do is  write  what interest you and then  find that audience  that  fits  what your  writing about.

For instance  I’m writing  a  novel about  werewolves that  is a post-apocalyptic fantasy.    My audience would  be anybody   who  is interested in reading about werewolves  in  a  post-apocalyptic fantasy setting . 


Sometimes  writers say  they are  pantsers. Writers who write on the  edge of their  seats  and  write as  they go without planning. But sometimes  neglecting   your research  as a  writer even as a  panster can sometimes  be a mistake.

When a writer researches they can understand the topics better  for what they are writing about. And  researching  for  your   novel also  improves  your skills for writing.

To research thoroughly and quickly  a writer  can write  a goals  list  of  what they want to  achieve within their novel  and  then  research  those particular  points.


Okay  every  writer  has experienced  this especially  when you are at a point  where your novel  seems  to be going nowhere and you’re at a writer’s block . But  we  as  writers  can’t  let it be our  mistake .   We  can’t let self-doubt guide  us.   So what do we do?

You have to learn how to spot and pin point  the self-doubt  in your   writing journey  wherever that might be.

Three main types of  self-doubt that may plague us as writers are:

  • Avoidance
  • Goal  setting
  • Frustration 

Whenever you can pinpoint  these types  of self-doubt  you will be able to   correct the mistake and finally squash them. 

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