June 12, 2024
3 Different Accounts About the Ossory Werewolves(ST. Patrick’s Day Special)

3 Different Accounts About the Ossory Werewolves(ST. Patrick’s Day Special)


Who were the Ossary werewolves? And why were they important?Descendants of a legendary figure named Laignech Fáelad Or Cursed by St. Patrick? Three main written accounts about the Ossary werewolves from an English(Gerald of Wales ) , Norse(Norse Konungs Skuggsjá ) , and Medieval Irish source(the Coir Anmann ) . These three accounts I’m about to mention even though conflicting was said to be the first werewolf stories ever recorded. Ireland was once said to be deemed wolf land up until the middle ages. descendants of wolf like warriors are said to survive throughout Ireland. there are Irish poetry that dates back all the way as far back to the 11th century. In these poetic accounts these writers talk about the faoladh and conroicht. These Irish werewolves were considered guardian spirits who protected children, wounded men, and the lost.

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00:00 INTRODUCTION: WHO WERE THE OSSORY WEREWOLVES? 02:15 The 1st Account : Gerald of Wales

04:07 2nd Account : the Norse Konungs Skuggsjá

06:30 3rd Account-Medieval Irish text the Coir Anmann

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