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I  haven’t posted in like two weeks  but it’s not  because I have abandoned  my blog.  It’s because I kind of had writers  block  for this thirteenth chapter .  Even though  I know what I’m going to write  there  are still moments  where things  get mixed up and  out of place.  

Writers  block is not fun.  I’m sure you as a writer have  faced  it as  well.  And I  hate writers  block because all the  inspiration  and ideas are  sucked  out of you and well  are blocked .  So what did I do?

So  I  had to wait  a moment or two , clear my head and kind of  back track on  what  I wrote. 

It  has  brought me to  rewriting , adding and switching around a lot of things just so it can  all make sense.  Because the 3rd  scene  within the 13th chapter  I couldn’t  write at first . But now since I  went  back to the  first  scene where  I added and corrected  a couple  of  sentences  it  will  all flow  together now. 

My  advice for writers block  is just back track and read through  what you wrote because it could be  maybe a single sentence that creates  your writers block. 

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