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My chapter  4 in my work in progress novel has  changed a lot since my 1st draft.  As  you know  I use  four  multiple POV  characters to tell  or show the novel’s story.  One of  the  four POV”s is my  villain character Xavier  . I  haven’t really  talked about him much on this blog.  I’ve  been  neglecting  him and also   in my novel.  However he does   show up  earlier in chapter  3 in  two scenes .  Just to let  you in on something my main  character Sirena thinks he is really weird.

In chapter  4  entitled Accalia’s  Rage  I  delve into his mind  by putting  him  front  and center  as the  POV  character.  In  this chapter   he  and his accomplice  Mary  must  get  a handle on the crowd of people in the town hall who  are  angry and confused   over the disappearance of one of the other characters name  Gabby. (I  talk about  Gabby a lot  in other blog post)

Xavier is angry and upset at  Mary over  indulging herself in mortal affairs.  So  he  mentions that  their  carelessness  of not taking care of their  own affairs  first might   bring  the unwanted  attention of Acallia’s rage. Accalia(named after the she wolf who saved and mothered the twins Romulus and Remus, ) in my story is the  mother  of Mary  and the  Kraldire(wolf leader) of  the  Caninruh  werewolves .  She is a very daunting , and  an intimidating ruler where  even both  Xavier  and Mary  are scared  of her. 

She is  mentioned  throughout  the  novel  by Xavier  and Mary but never seen .   She  will be an important character  throughout the  whole  series . And  will be  introduced   in my 2nd  book. 

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