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Did you know  in real life that a wolf’s  eye color  can be  gray , green, brown, yellow, amber, and even  orange eyes.  Also that   when a wolf pup is born that their   eyes are  blue.  Cool   right?  Well that’s  nature  for you. 

So it wouldn’t be odd or strange  for writers  who write  stories about werewolves  to play with the eye color of their  werewolves  when  they transform .

The traditional werewolf eye color in movies is usually yellow. 

However in recent  tv shows and films such as TEEN  WOLF wolves  eye color  are  gold , blue, red  and teal.

In the show the  eye color is determined  by  their rank in the pack. The alphas of the pack  always have red eyes.  

The werewolves  with blue eyes are always the ones  who have taken an innocent human life.

Like Teen Wolf I also play with  the eye color of werewolves in my  work in progress novel During the Blue Hour .


The current  chapter I’m working on   when  Imani   puts on the divers mud   her  eye color changes from red  to  a  human  eye color .  And she asks  Bastian , “What color  are my eyes?”   In which he replies  ,  “green” 

In my  novel with much research on the regular eye color  of a  wolf and other  culture  mythologies.  I   chose my werewolves to have  red color   eyes.   Even  when they are  in human  form  their   eyes  are  still a  red glow and they   might  look  like some sort   of alien  . But when  my werewolves put on the divers mud their  eyes  change to a human eye color and takes the   color   of whatever  their   eyes would naturally   look  like  if they were born human.

Since my main character Sirena was born  by  a mother who was  human  and not werewolf. Her red eyes will not come in until her first transformation when she is 18 . And so her  human eye  color is grey.

Before  the werewolves were werewolves and they were just wolves . Only   the  Kraldire wolf had an unnatural eye color .  And they were usually  chosen by  the  northern light  at a ceremony  during the  blue hour.       

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