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Did you  know that Beauty & the Beast  may have been actually a tragic werewolf tale?

Beauty and the Beast was originally written as far back and early as 2nd Century CE by Apuleius .

One of the first fairytales EVER!. 

I know, right? Who would have known that?

It has many variants but one of three most famous versions out of the tale was written by   Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve in 17 century  France.

As you know werewolf  fiction  today is so different from the 17th century and  how writers  wrote tales back then. This story, The Beauty and the Beast  is more  connected  to the time of werewolves in France than you can even  imagine .

Let me explain and delve  further.  

You know in modern fiction  werewolf are  portrayed as violent , and flesh eating  creatures. That wasn’t so true  in 1700s .  In the 1700s  despite  what was going on  with werewolf trials and wolf attacks(sometimes believed to be  werewolf attacks)  the  writers of the day like  Beauty and the Beast’s  Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve wrote their  werewolves  tales a  little differently.  Instead the beasts  in the stories were  said to be  sympathetic, tragic characters  who were forced to live out their lives under a terrible curse, thus  they were  never evil, just  eternally sad  .

These ancient fictional werewolves didn’t  lose humanity as represented  like today . No.  The  truth was they were just like humans.( I will talk a little bit  about that in a later post  concerning my werewolves  in my wip novel )


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Why do you think the beast was actually sad in the story , The Beauty & the Beast? Do you  believe he was werewolf?

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