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The Kraldire Council: Two Worlds Collide Novel Concept short film 7

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A concept short film based on the work in progress novel “During the Blue Hour,” -about a teenage girl who discovers her ancestry belongs to a celestial race of extinct wolves.

The Kraldire Council: Two Worlds Collide Novel Concept short film 7

Xavier and Mary of the Kraldire council   arrived together in North sun each  on their  own  mission . Xavier  to track down the last earthdiver  Chemsen and gain the secret to the  creation  of the diversmud  a  mud substance that would help the caninruh werewolves walk among the humans  unnoticed   without transitioning into   the   beast. Mary to find a unique   human  for  her mother  the kraldire  for a science experiment  in order to create a  new Caninruh  werewolf army. But  time is running out on their mission and things  clasping  like dominos. They came across a pack who disobeyed  the kraldire laws Now they must hunt down the ones from  that pack that got away. 4 yearlings with budding abilities . But  as a  human girl has disappeared and the  townspeople are in disarray. The alpha of the  yearling pack cristan   unknowingly led  them to a  young girl named Sirena  who  holds all their  answers to the problems they have been seeking  for centuries  their encounter   with Sirena has posed a problem they  did not  expect.  And  now   There pasts  have come back to haunt them in more ways than one   and they must confront them before they  risk  exposure to the  humans …

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