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What is hierarchy? We see it every day  in our common world.  It is the organized  categorized  class and rank  of all  our societies. Where importance of  who and what you are reigns  high.  Whether  it’s  fair to have  it within  our very  existence, or  whether  we   need it is  unclear.    But  the structure of hierarchy  is there  whether we like it or not. 

This is also certain  in the animal kingdom among most animals .  However  I am  referencing  the  hierarchy structure  most commonly seen in  real world  wolf packs.

In the real world  Wolves  who are in packs live and breathe a hierarchy   structure.  Without it  the  socializing and the family  structure of  the packs  don’t exist and  they  are just lone  wolf wandering. The pack structure includes  alphas, betas ,omegas lone wolves .  Some researchers believe  the hierarchy system within wolf packs don’t exist and that  the  alpha  and beta  only was  constructed  with captured  wolves society rather   than  wild wolves societies .  And that this concept  was started  by a man named  Rudolph Schenkel who attempted to study  the sociology of wolves. Although  he was able to compare  the wolf behavior with dog behavior the  only problem was  that he did not compare  the  wild wolf.  

In wild wolves  society  the hierarchy structure most consist of a  the nuclear family ; a  mated  pair of wolves and their children. And ordinarily with this  a pack  can consist of 6-8 wolves in a pack. And lone wolves are usually those wolves  born from the mated couple   who have  grown up  and wants  to search or build its  own pack. However , the lone wolf can also be an ousted  member of the pack.  

Based on my research on wolves  I have  created my own werewolf  hierarchy structure for my werewolves  in my  work  in progress  novel During the Blue Hour . 

There are four Caniniruh hierarchies within the hour series:


Kraldire COUNCIL
2 alphas(male, female
2 betas (male, female)
2 hunters (male or female)
2runners (male or female)
2 sentries (male or female)


den mothers


Kraldire COUNCIL
6 trackers
2 alphas
2 betas
2 runners
2 hunters
2 sentries

Caniniruh HIARCHY

den mothers

There are no subordinates among the adults in the werewolf community of Aquilum but are among the groups of yearlings and pups.

An individual Caniniruh, if not the alpha or beta already , cannot start their own pack. However they can challenge the alpha of their present pack at a formal ritual bluffing ceremony.

Ritual Bluffing Ceremony- is a political ceremony where Caniniruh choose to challenge each other for any hierarchal position and a series of ritualized fights and posturing. the challenged individual may choose to fight back, with varying degrees of intensity. The loser of such a confrontation falls to a lower rank and frequently challenges in the following year. The members of the pack that’s want to try higher rank must fight within the pack and wait until an official ritual bluffing ceremony.

Alphas- are the leaders of the individual packs or governor or founder of a Caniniruh village.

Betas- Are the second in command to a pack . But are usually the heir to the alphas of their pack. They can be challenged even though they are born to be an alpha. If they are challenged and loose they will have to fight to reclaim their birthright.

Runners – are Caniniruh soldiers of a pack or village. They can be considerate high ranks and as a type of police.

Sentries- are Caniniruh guards who guard the boundaries of their village and warn the alphas or kraldire that someone is coming . They are the only ones a able to use their howling for that purpose only.

Healers – are Caniniruh doctors who can heal Caniniruh and other beings with the saliva on their tong.

Den mothers or fathers- are Caniniruh teachers of the yearlings and pups. They take care and teach the yearlings and pups about who they are, their powers and their transformations.

Yearlings – are the teenage Caniniruh and young adult Caniniruh.

Pups – are the children and baby Caniniruh

Omegas- are the outcast of the Caniniruh the ones who loose at every challenge and has no way to redeem. No one are allowed to talk to them if they are proclaimed the omega.

Subordinates – are Caniniruh slaves usually only in the village New Canarius . They are the lowest in the hierarchy. And the subordinate are usually any Caniniruh who does not accept the Kraldire and listen to her rules. They are forced to work in the markets, build buildings for the Kraldire and work as beekeepers and work as house slaves and in the orchard. They can compete in the ritual bluffing ceremonies only if their alpha allows them to.

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