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What happens when  characters  make the wrong choices? Or wrong decisions based in the moment?  Do they regret those  choices  that they made? What is their consequences ?

Bad choices or any choices  are  important to character arcs and  I think all  the characters of the novel goes through  these dilemmas to their character  arcs  to improve  and flesh out who they are  and how the reader  perceives them.   With character choices especially wrong   choices  bring extreme conflict throughout the novel. 

Moreover, that is the key  of a progressive novel of  full  fleshed out  characters .

Wrong decisions +dilemmas=conflict

And of course for the novel conflict is  good. The more conflict the better but with  that brings consequences

And  the consequences will have  to  be pretty steep.


Continuing on with  rewriting the  15th  chapter of my 2nd draft, I  moved  on to rewriting  the 2nd scene within  the chapter entitled  Until the Next Blue Hour .

This scene  continued from the last scene   THE HOWL OF CONTEMPLATION  with the  villain, Xavier’s pov, but in this scene Adrian  one of two of  Sirena’s love interest takes  over the pov  and is  faced  with making a decision and choice but is it the wrong one ?

REACTION: To figure  out a way to get him and Sirena out of North Sun

DILEMMA:  He  encounters  Xavier  on his way  back to the den

CHOICE:      He makes a deal with Xavier  to get him  and Sirena to freedom without being  hunted  down by the council .

SCENE SYNOPSIS: After  dropping  Sirena off , Adrian encounters Xavier and makes a deal with  him  about the future  of Sirena and the pack.


In this scene  Adrian  leaves  Sirena  at the edge of the  town  because he cannot  go any further  but  he decides  that  he wants to walk  her home and  puts  on the  divers  mud  . However ,  Sirena  stops him from  walking her home  because she  says she needs  to find  her  friend Eli  who she left in the mountains .

However, Adrian doesn’t   listen to her  and follows Sirena without her knowing  .  While following her  he senses Xavier  the  council member  and villain  who is chasing  Adrian’s  pack . 

Because he doesn’t want the council  to  find  out  who Sirena  really is he  heads back  towards  Xavier loosing  Sirena’s scent. 

And so  he  comes  face to face with  Xavier for the first time ever  since  the rest of the   pack was slain by  him. 

Adrian realizes  that Xavier  is about  to  kill him and so uses his  shielding  abilities  to stop Xavier from doing so. He uses  his sword  to blast an  ice crystal  shield formation  towards Xavier,  blasting xavier  against a boulder.  (this is the first time Adrian is using  his sword in a real battle) .

Xavier  himself  is  astonished by  how bold  Adrian is  and so Asks  him why  he is he not afraid.

In reality Adrian is  afraid but  he  selfishly  thinks  of the first  thing to save himself and that is  telling Xavier  that he  will give him  the location of  the  rest  of the Arctos pack if he  lets  not  only  him but  Sirena  go as well. 

Xavier  doesn’t  give  into this and automatically thinks Adrian’s joking and  tells him he just rather  do away with him instead . 

Adrian then coolly tells  Xavier  that he has this journal that  reveals the truth about who the real  Kraldire(leader of the werewolves) is  supposed to be.  

 But   Adrian  then tells him  that he  doesn’t   have the book  at the moment With this  information Xavier  becomes  very  angry and so  attacks  Adrian with this confusion ability  that makes  Adrian  sees  his worst  fears  of being  swept  up in a fire and suffocating.

He  seems to be defeated but then  remembers his training  that he received  from  the den father and alpha  of the pack  and he

Manages  to  create a  force field barrier and he raises  his sword and fights  Xavier managing to a blow against him .

Xavier  is impressed  with Adrian’s   ability to fight  him  and gives him the opportunity to  deliver    the book  on the next blue hour and  if he doesn’t  Xavier  will kill him  .  

Overall Adrian  makes a  deal  he cannot take back  due  to being  cocky and over confident.  If he fails at what  Xavier  wants  it will cost him his life .   This choice . This decision  he automatically  regrets and realizes  he messed  up .

 Adrian at the end of this  scene makes  another  small decision  to  go  find Sirena  and immediately  take her and run  away before  he is supposed to deliver  the book.

But Adrian will be disappointed  as Sirena  has other plans  in the upcoming  scenes .

This decision  that  the character  Adrian chose to make  will  cause  a domino effect  throughout the rest of the novel and have consequences  for not only  himself  but for  the  other characters. 

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Do you have a  character  that immediately  regrets  his decision  after  he makes  them?  What are the consequences for  their  decisions?

Let  me know in the comments  below.

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THE VILLAIN ‘S FAITH IS CHALLENGED? A very difficult scene to write because usually you don’t have the villain within the novel questioning their faith, spirituality and loyalty.  They are just usually bad, but I would say that’s what makes a good villain because it gives that character a little depth as well and allows the reader to explore what that character’s reasoning for doing what they do throughout the novel. 


Rewriting chapter 15 for the 2nd draft I revisit Xavier the Villains POV within the first scene.  He has one scene in this chapter that reveals who he is and what he stands  for as a villain.

GOAL:  To find a way better way to  capture  the yearling pack

CONFLICT: Has an argument with Mary about his faith and loyalty to the Kraldire

OUTCOME: Adrian presets him with a solution

SCENE SYNOPSIS: Xavier reflects on his life after having an argument with Mary about not capturing the yearling pack.


In the previous chapters and scenes  with  Xavier   he  never  really   truly reveals his past and I  guess  I have him brooding  and complaining about  loving the Kraldire(Mary’s mother ) and losing her love.   However,  this  chapter he will  finally  contemplate  his faith .   and  whether  he is making the right decision   in being loyal to the Kraldire.

He  has had nearly  12,000 years to figure  this out . However,  at this   stage  in his immortality he is at  his breaking point  especially in this scene.   In the previous  scene  he  failed at capturing Sirena  and  he  also has failed  at  not only capturing the Arctos yearling pack  but also the  earth diver(raven)  and collecting the raven claw amulet .

So yeah  he  is at a breaking  point because he knows  if he  goes back to the Kraldire empty handed  this  time around  she will  kill him.  Even though  they had a thing   together he  seems  to think- no  seems to know that the  Kraldire  will  have no need  for him anymore.

What makes  matters worse is that  Mary(council member/companion)  caught  him  using Courian’s(the wolf god) name.  And  any mention of Courian   has been banned by the Kraldire.  So he   also has to deal with  Mary trying to blackmail  him  into loving her.  Because if  push  came to shove  she would  rat him out and he would  die anyway  by  the Kraldire’s hand.  

So his loyalty and faith  is tested  while  at the  same time trying to control  his fast paced descent  into madness .  

Towards the end of the scene  he senses  one of the yearling running from  the human town  in the mountain and  he  tracks them  intent on  killing the yearling .  However  ,  that plan goes array when the  yearling  , who reveals himself to in fact be Adrian  suddenly  proposes a  solution to  Xavier’s  problems.

What is this  solution? Well  I will be   continuing to write  it in the  next scene  of the 15th chapter  where it will be in Adrian’s POV. 

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Do you have a  villain character  who struggles  with his faith  and loyalty ?

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You’re Not Mortal is the 4th scene in the 14th chapter of the 2nd draft of the work in progress novel During the Blue Hour.  I finally completed not only this scene but the whole of chapter 14.  Let me tell you I was dawdling through this scene not because it was boring but because I had to rewrite most of it.   The new version of this chapter came to 8928 words. The you’re not mortal scene came to 3554 words total.  The longest word counts out of all the scenes and chapters so far in the 2nd draft.

SCENE SYNOPSIS: Sirena is finally told by Cristen that she is not mortal, but in fact a caninruh  and that she must stay with the pack in order to protect her, but her reaction is more than what is expected   from Cristen and Sirena runs off in disbelief back to her mortal community.

In this scene it is in the 1st love interest  pov ; Cristen and he has to convince Sirena that she is one of them.  I originally wrote the scene in 2012 within the first draft but it wasn’t this long.   It’s pretty much the same but the interactions and locations are somewhat different. 

In this draft Adrian shows back up to the group and in front of Sirena in the form of the large werewolf and ordinarily Sirena would be afraid, but she can tell the difference between Adrian and any other beast because of his apparent kindness. 

But like I said Cristen is the main POV   so his perception is warped in this scene but not because he is an empath, and he can sense the energies between both Sirena and Adrian.  So, within this scene there is a lot of tension because he is the alpha of the yearling werewolf pack and sees Adrian as trying to undermine him.  In reality Adrian has fallen for Sirena   and they are talking telepathically.  Cristen doesn’t like that. 

My greatest pitfall for this chapter is trying to keep the tension between the triangles.   In the other chapters Sirena’s attitude is not one of being afraid but curious, even though she uses the excuse she is going to find her friend it is also because she is curious about the teenage wolves that saved her from the bear.  However, she is still running away from them because she is in disbelief over the fact Cristen has told her she is actually a werewolf like the rest of them.  

Moreover, she runs away because she has to face this truth that is her   most hidden and dreadful fear in which she had tried to keep buried and locked within her dreams. 

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Do you have a character  that has  this most dreadful  fear that  they  try to  keep hidden ?

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(This blog post was originally posted in July 2021 as WEREWOLF LEGENDS : Beast of Gévaudan FACT 1 THE HUNTERS KILLED OVER A 100 WOLVES )

Did you know the issues of the Beast Of Gévaudan  was so problematic  that  Louis XV sent professional wolf-hunters, Jean Charles Marc Antoine Vaumesle d’Enneval and his son Jean-François, to hunt .  He also sentJean  Chasel  to kill  the beast .  But  the attacks still  continued .

You know what I think? I think they just wanted money, fame and fortune . They ended up killing over a hundred  actual real wolves without any real proof that the beast actually existed.   And right up until this very day  no one  actually knows the truth behind it  all.

I talk about the beast of Gevaudan more in my PODCAST #8:WORLDBUILDING PT 3: Werewolf Mythologies Around The  World  PT 2 Loup Garou & Beast of Gévaudan THE EP. 8  .

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What  do you think the werewolf hunters of  the Beast of Gevaudan actually saw ? Do you think they wanted money and fame?

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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If you are like me and ever wondered about the werewolf genre within fiction and whether it was classified as horror or fantasy you want to read this post now because this is the post for you.

First before finding out what genre werewolves are classified under  let’s look at the difference of what the fantasy genre and horror genre in fiction is defined as.

Fantasy Genre:

The  fantasy  genre within novel writing and  literature  features  both magic and supernatural  elements that  evolve  around  made  up and imaginary  worlds , timelines and creatures .   It  usually has  at least  8  sub categories

  • High or epic fantasy.
  • Low fantasy.
  • Sword and sorcery.
  • Dark fantasy.
  • Fables.
  • Fairy tales.
  • Superhero fiction.

Horror Genre

Horror genre is focused more on mood.  In order to work it has to create an unsettling atmosphere and give its intended reader a sense of fear. Even though it may have fantastical elements within   its genre, the setting is usually entirely realistic. 

So I found  an article called 144 Genres and Subgenres for Fiction Writing by Tonya Thompson  and in the article  werewolves  are classified under monsters which is a subgenre  of  Horror.

But did you know there was another sub-genre that is considered in the realm of the fantasy genre?

It is called the paranormal genre or speculative fiction and this   genre is a subgenre of fantasy.  The paranormal genre consists of   all of the   monsters   that go bump in the night which includes werewolves.

Whereas wikipedia  has  defined the werewolf genre and classified  it   as being  a  genre  that  can be categorized in  both  horror and fantasy      

Just by looking at  these  two definitions  of  where  the werewolf genre  is  categorized  under we  can assume that  the werewolf genre  is  used  both in  fantasy and   horror   and can be used  in an  exceptional and  varied storylines and plots because of the ancients  roots the werewolf folklores stem from with its various re interpretations   of the genre. 

Thus  a   writer  can draw  from  previous  folklores  and myths of werewolves  in order  to create   a fantastical and horrific  tale.

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This week on the DTBH Podcast :

In this whole new podcast episode 10 we will explore and analyze the origins of Little Red Riding Hood and the truth about the wolf.


Do you think the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood was a werewolf? What is your opinion about it?

I want to know so leave your answers in the comments below.

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Episode 11: Inside the world of the blue hour

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Have you ever wondered why wolves were linked to the moon?  I have and I always hated   hearing those stories of how wolves howl at the moon and   it being the fact and the reason why men turn into the werewolf in movies in books because it is simply not true.   Yup not true.  Did you know that the howling wolf  at the time of the full moon is just a mere myth?

So how did this all start?  

Since I ‘m in the mist of the 2nd draft of my work in progress werewolf novel, During the Blue Hour, I did some research, and my findings are quite interesting. 

So, wolves usually just howl to communicate whether it be rain or shine, dawn or night.  So, the full moon makes no correlation  to a howling wolf.  And the only reason why they are titling their head in a sort of way is because it helps the sound of their call to travel better.  And  the only reason you hear them at night howling is because they are of course nocturnal animals.

In most cultures around the world in ancient times and in  Greek, Norse, Roman and   Native American    mythology wolves were revered where most tales or creation stories were said to have a wolf creating   the moon in some sort of way.  Moreover, they are spiritually linked with the night and creation of the moon.

In addition, one of the reasons why the wolf it seems to howl at the moon is because that’s when us humans probably heard them more often and it just happened to be a full moon. But remember they are nocturnal creatures.  And the light of the full moon gives  the best opportunity for a great hunt.  

Although I do not   write any of my werewolves   or wolves howling at a moon or any context of a moon   in my current work in progress novel.  I do use the weather (WHAT IS THE STORM IN MY WIP NOVEL? THE WEATHER IS CHANGING;GET READY!) and other astronomic feats to hype up the story for their howling and  communication  efforts. I will talk more about that in a later post.   

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 About wolves and the howling moon 

I want to know so let me know in the comments below.

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Xavier with Mary attend the town meeting about the missing girl, and it revealed that they are after the wolf pack and they are wolves themselves. Xavier tries to get Mary to forget about her assignment despite the Kraldire Accaila Wrath.

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Some Alpha You Are CHAPTER  14


Completed yet another scene for  my  14th chapter in my 2nd draft .  2750  words, not all in one  day  though.

This scene  features  the  main love interest  Cristen’s POV where  he  has to  struggle  and come to terms  with his mother lying to him about who Sirena really  was and  is in fact also a werewolf  like them.

This  scene is yet another  confrontation with him and Adrian about who Sirena really is and what she means to the yearling  pack at this point .

This  scene  does contain a flashback scene with Cristen interacting  with both  his parents  before they were killed .

In the  flashback scene it  reveals that Cristen’s mother  gave him  Sirena’s  father’s journal that tells who she is.  But his mother tells him no matter  what happens don’t ever read the book just give it to Sirena when the time comes.  And  she also has him believe that Sirena  is just a  human girl.

So this is why he as my character is seen struggling.

He is supposed to be an  alpha  but doesn’t know the truth to anything .  And he is mad because his  rival  Adrian knows  more about Sirena than he does himself.

And the thing is in my  story is that he cannot be challenged as an alpha unless  he is in  the community  of werewolves  during their  ritual bluffing ceremonies . So Adrian  tries  to make  little  small jabs at Cristen  whenever  he can get the opportunity to  because Cristen knows that Adrian wants to be the alpha of the yearling pack.

So this  is the point of where I’m at  and  at the end of the scene Cristen screams  towards Adrian ,

” Until we get to Aquilum, don’t you dare challenge me again,” he said. Before Adrian or anyone could object Cristen picked up the book and raced out the door.     

Adrian just spilled  the info that Cristen is the one who killed Gabby in the mountains.

The next chapter  will be back in Sirena’s  POV .  I’ll keep you updated on this  next scene  within chapter 14. I’m thinking about combining two scenes into one for that scene  .

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Have you ever had a character who belief system as they know it was broken down because they were challenged by the other characters?

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments below.

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RUN : A Scene in the 13th Chapter & Changes


The 13th chapter  entitled Dagger of Memories continues  in this 2nd scene where I have Cristen  coming  face to face with the council  who is in  werewolf form . The scene  ended  with a  total of  704  words.


In the last  scene that I wrote a couple of weeks ago  Sirena and her friend Eli  went up the mountain in search  for their friend Gabby  .  However  I ended with  Sirena and Eli in danger as Sirena suddenly screamed because of a loud piercing  noise  that she heard in her head and  Eli  trying to help her. But before he can two  growling  werewolves  stand behind him.

Last  time  I was  trying to figure out whether  I was going to have Adrian come save the day but  I decided to have Cristen come to the rescue this time but just in this scene.


Cristen and the rest of the  pack are coming from the  town with their divers  mud  on (I will write a post later about divers mud)and they are  following  Sirena’s jeep  that they heard go up the mountain. 

Cristen  at this point is kind of in a funk because  he had  to learn through  Adrian that Sirena was one of them a canineruh  werewolf.  He not only blames himself but the  earthdiver  that continues to taunt him. The earthdiver  he believes  should have told him about Sirena not Adrian.

He hears  the earthdiver taunting Sirena and the council in werewolf form getting ready to attack Eli.  And so he races  to  them . Trying to get the council away from Sirena and  Eli  he  tells them to run but  they are frightened . So he  knocks  Eli out to distract the werewolves and  urges  Sirena  to run .  As he  fights the  other  werewolves  off but they are  too strong  .  They don’t go  for Eli  but  instead   they run after Sirena.


So  that is the  whole  of this scene.  I wasn’t really going to write it this way and going to let  Adrian save her from the  members of the werewolf council  but in my 1st draft Cristen  saved  her from them.

There is a difference in this draft  vs  my 1st draft.  In the first draft  this particular scene is in Sirena’s POV and she already  found Gabby and in this scene in my 1st  draft there is no Eli.  In  the first draft  within this  scene she  constantly blacks  out and then Cristen changes  into his werewolf  form to  fight  the council. But in this draft he doesn’t because of the barrier  of the diversmud which keeps him from changing .   He also  in the first draft is able  to  weaken the council  members  making them  run off and leave Sirena behind.  But in this draft they are too strong for him and  I’m guessing  that would make sense because  they are centuries  old and he is  only  a  teenager.  So there is a lot of changes  within  this scene.

Cristen as a  character struggle a lot  because of his powers  so I  have him continuing  his internal struggle  with himself that is continued to be acerbated by the  earthdiver even as  he battles the council members this first time.

The next scene will be in Sirena’s pov .

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