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If you are like me and ever wondered about the werewolf genre within fiction and whether it was classified as horror or fantasy you want to read this post now because this is the post for you.

First before finding out what genre werewolves are classified under  let’s look at the difference of what the fantasy genre and horror genre in fiction is defined as.

Fantasy Genre:

The  fantasy  genre within novel writing and  literature  features  both magic and supernatural  elements that  evolve  around  made  up and imaginary  worlds , timelines and creatures .   It  usually has  at least  8  sub categories

  • High or epic fantasy.
  • Low fantasy.
  • Sword and sorcery.
  • Dark fantasy.
  • Fables.
  • Fairy tales.
  • Superhero fiction.

Horror Genre

Horror genre is focused more on mood.  In order to work it has to create an unsettling atmosphere and give its intended reader a sense of fear. Even though it may have fantastical elements within   its genre, the setting is usually entirely realistic. 

So I found  an article called 144 Genres and Subgenres for Fiction Writing by Tonya Thompson  and in the article  werewolves  are classified under monsters which is a subgenre  of  Horror.

But did you know there was another sub-genre that is considered in the realm of the fantasy genre?

It is called the paranormal genre or speculative fiction and this   genre is a subgenre of fantasy.  The paranormal genre consists of   all of the   monsters   that go bump in the night which includes werewolves.

Whereas wikipedia  has  defined the werewolf genre and classified  it   as being  a  genre  that  can be categorized in  both  horror and fantasy      

Just by looking at  these  two definitions  of  where  the werewolf genre  is  categorized  under we  can assume that  the werewolf genre  is  used  both in  fantasy and   horror   and can be used  in an  exceptional and  varied storylines and plots because of the ancients  roots the werewolf folklores stem from with its various re interpretations   of the genre. 

Thus  a   writer  can draw  from  previous  folklores  and myths of werewolves  in order  to create   a fantastical and horrific  tale.

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When I started outlining my drafts for my work in progress werewolf novel During the Blue Hour. I decided  to use epistolary writing for some of my scenes.

Epistolary writing is where  the novel  is written in  mostly documents which include  letters and journal entries. The most popular example of epistolary  writing in fiction was in 1897 when Dracula was published. 

Bram Stoker the author of Dracula  uses  not only one  type of epistolary writing but three; letters , journal entries and newspaper clippings to tell  the story of Dracula and how he tried to move to England and   interacted with Van Helsing. There are letters between two other characters as well.

And another cool  thing is that Dracula is not even the first example of  epistolary  writing .  The earliest  known example is a  book  written  in 1740  called Pamela .  This book is told through letters about a  girl  who is a maid and sends the letters to her parents.

So there you go epistolary  writing  is  mostly compilation  of  letters  between characters .

In my  work in progress I  use journal entries  that my main character Sirena  writes to her  missing  father about her everyday  life  and what is going on in her society .  But that is not the only journal  there is in my novel.  There  is also  the journal  of her father . These two journals play  an important  part in my  novel because without the  two journals  we  would  not know my  main character  in the same way  if I didn’t  have her writing those entries . And through her father’s  journal  not only  will my character but the  reader will  find out things  about  her father  and the  werewolves as a  whole.

So  it’s a lot of information and  basically  a tale  of  two journals  that  will ultimately explore the truth ,  hopes and dreams  of the  two related  characters .   

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Check out  the teaser  of the  upcoming  short  story , IN THE HOUR OF HUMANITY  COMING  SOON 

Was Allen Edgar Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death an Apocalyptic Short Story?

 Albert Goodwin‘s painting Apocalypse (1903)

This coming Monday I will bring back my podcast episodes  with  episode  9 discussing post-apocalyptic fiction  because  my  work in progress novel takes  place in a post post  apocalyptic world  and I will delve  further into the world of  the blue hour  on my next podcast episode.

“The dagger dropped gleaming upon the sable carpet”. From Tales of Mystery and Imagination … Illustrated by Harry Clarke, by Edgar Allan Poe. London : G. G. Harrap & Co., 1919.

I was curious about something and so for today I want to talk a little bit about  one of my   favorite   writers and  inspiration , Allen  Edgar  Poe  and one  of his works  The Masque of the Red  Death. And I will attempt to answer the question , was the Masque of  the Red Death an Apocalyptic  Short Story?

 Let’s first analysis what an apocalyptic story is.

A sub-genre of  science fiction that  deals  with  a world ending  or being  destroyed.  It may  involve trying to stop the impending apocalypse, or  deal with the  fall  out of the apocalypse itself or  it may deal with after  the  event happened and include the existence of pre-catastrophe civilization has been forgotten or mythologized.  Often take place in a non-technological future world, or a world where only scattered elements of society and technology remain.  It  also has the themes of  a pandemic, uses symbolic  language,  prophetic  vision formula, or  a context of oppression, persecution and despair.

A big check  for my  work in  progress. My world was destroyed  twice .(more  to come about that  later on my next podcast)  

Okay but  what about The Masque of the Red  Death is that an apocalyptic  short story?

Let’s delve deeper?

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The Masque of the Red Death was written by Poe and published in 1842 and was  simply put , a tale about  a  personified  plague  that kills a prince who  thought he could  hide himself in  a  castle  to avoid the bubonic plague outside his door.

Front page of The Castle of Otranto, by Horace Walpole (1717-1797)

The prince  literally  invites his friends  to come join  him and he  throws a  ball while the  bubonic  plague  is going on.  That’s crazy.

Now  Poe’s  short story is usually classified as Gothic  Fiction and  was said to be influenced by the first Gothic novel, Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto. And Poe  was said to adopt many  convention of classical  Gothic  fiction.   An example  is  the castle setting  he uses in the story. But  when Poe first published the story   in 1842  he himself  classified  the tale in a tagline as  a fantasy.

But does knowing this one thing that Poe’s story involves the  bubonic plague itself automatically makes it  an apocalyptic tale? The bubonic plague was in fact a pandemic. I’m afraid not  . It simply has elements  of  the apocalyptic genre and most likely a subgenre of horror fiction  .  

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WEREWOLVES IN FICTION : Are Werewolves Really Fantasy Fiction?


I was curious  about  something that  kind of bothered  me.   Well  since I’ve  been writing about werewolves  I ‘ve been  questioning   why  werewolf  fiction is always classified as  paranormal  fiction and not just plain  fantasy?  Are  werewolves  ghost ?  What’s the difference?   And so I did some research. 

Often there is  an overlap between both  the fantasy and paranormal genre.

Fantasy deals with magical creature, mythical creatures  and  talking animals   with a  tone   said to be from ancient worlds or another world altogether.  They  have  kings and queens .  An  example of that would be King Arthur  and Merlin . Or Lord of the  Rings 

Paranormal fiction is  a subgenre  of fantasy  whose story lines revolve around the paranormal . This  could be witches, ghost, and vampires.  .

It contains element of magic or the supernatural that’s so deeply integral to the story

Yes . It is said that paranormal  fiction  is also anything that  is  brought  to light   from folklore , fairytales , and popular culture and that includes  shapeshifters . IE  werewolves.  And similar to supernatural  fiction genre  , another sub  genre  of  fantasy .

Like I’ve said before werewolves has been known throughout history  as being connected  to real world legends and folklore . 

However  the  two genres  are usually interchangeable  and there is debate   on whether  these   supernatural and paranormal  genres  are one in the same as   fantasy instead of a  sub-genre  .

That to me is rather confusing and I  feel  as though there should  not be  a  debate  or a divide. 

I talk more about this  on  my podcast  episode 4  Fantasy vs Fairytale

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Cristan and the members of the yearling pack run across the mountain. Cristan is intercepted by the Earth Diver Chemsen .

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