PODCAST #1 : Journey through my 1st draft: An Introduction of During the Blue Hour Series


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Journey through my 1st draft: An Introduction of During the Blue Hour Series

Original upload date: FEB 13, 2020


With the callous soles of his bare feet hardly touching down in the sand, Cristian fled across the mountainous terrain, as the dying howls of the Arctos pack erupted from behind him…

This first episode is basically about how I got started writing the wip novel  DURING  THE BLUE HOUR my planning & process.

  • I talk about how the Twilight Saga inspired me on my journey to write about werewolves.
  • I talk about  how Rudyard Kipling’s Poem “The Law of the Jungle.” heavily influenced my current drafts.
  • I talk about the originality of werewolf mythology.

I want to know how you plan your stories?  What methods do you use to plan and research your wip? Have you completed  the first draft of your wip?  Where  do you stand on werewolf mythology? Let me know  in the comments below or on my twitter page and instagram . Lets start a dialogue about it. 

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Next episode:
Episode 2 Cast of Characters Pt. 1: Choosing character names and exploring backstory 

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