October 1, 2023
My Deleted Character, Zios Short story coming soon…

My Deleted Character, Zios Short story coming soon…

Image by Andrea Bohl from Pixabay

So today I decided to have some time  to work on another short  story  for my blog .  This  short story has been sitting around for a couple of years .  So I decided  to take another  shot at it today and get it written. Hopefully I can share  it on the blog soon. 

The short story is called   IN THE HOUR  OF HUMANITY.  I had planned that title for a while for the short story . This short story is another  one part  of the HOUR SERIES..  The  werewolf novels I’m working on.   Like I said I wrote it awhile back and basically about one of the characters  named Zios.   Zios was actually  in my novel in the first draft.   I haven’t put him back in the second draft yet because  I don’t know where  I want his character  to first appear .

He was a  supporting character  yet a  minor character in the first draft .  He is  like the only known werewolf caninruh in the first  novel that is actually  living among the humans. He lives next door to and basically is like a mentor to my main  character Sirena. And he is an Original wolf  of the first world.  One of six characters  to turn from wolf  into  the caninruh  werewolves at the turn of the 2nd world, after the polar north wars in my novel ‘s history.

Since the  POV  is mostly through Sirena’s character in this first book  he   only  appears in like 6 chapters  within the whole  first draft .  He  is the only adult besides the Kraldire  council  that knows that Sirena is a werewolf Caninruh .  

And the real reason I had him in the novel  in the first place  is because  I Wrote a prequel  back in 2008  where he is one of the main protagonist  .  And  thought  it would be interesting because  he would  be like the only original wolf from the prequel  to have actually  known  Sirena  the main  character  from  my first novel.

So I don’t know if  I want to put  him back in the 2nd draft or not .  I guess  for right now he is like a  deleted character.

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