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Just a Daily Update

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I’m going to try to have my next novel concept short film video 8 out on Saturday . If not Saturday it will most definitely be Sunday. So this week’s novel concept video will be about one of the types of the Viators of Caelum . I wrote a post on those characters yesterday here. So take a look before the video premieres and let me know what you think about those characters. I would really love to hear from you.

My next podcast episode will be a continuation from this week. I will continue with two or three more werewolf mythologies from around the world . So keep a look out for that. I hope you continue to enjoy the podcast episodes. I ‘m really working hard and I want hear your feedback in all I do.

I will be working on another short story as well. I want to see if I can write one at least once a week or if I get busy once a month . I ‘ll see what happens there. I have a lot of content for more short stories within the Hour Series work in progress. So I will be creating them along with my novels. You can read the first short story here. They will not be in order. Whenever I post more short stories you will be able to read them out of order .

If you liked this quick blog about my Work in progress world I will be posting more content like this and make sure you know that you can feel free to give me suggestions and feedback on how to improve During the Blue hour video concepts, blogs, short stories and more.

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