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If you are like me and ever wondered about the werewolf genre within fiction and whether it was classified as horror or fantasy you want to read this post now because this is the post for you.

First before finding out what genre werewolves are classified under  let’s look at the difference of what the fantasy genre and horror genre in fiction is defined as.

Fantasy Genre:

The  fantasy  genre within novel writing and  literature  features  both magic and supernatural  elements that  evolve  around  made  up and imaginary  worlds , timelines and creatures .   It  usually has  at least  8  sub categories

  • High or epic fantasy.
  • Low fantasy.
  • Sword and sorcery.
  • Dark fantasy.
  • Fables.
  • Fairy tales.
  • Superhero fiction.

Horror Genre

Horror genre is focused more on mood.  In order to work it has to create an unsettling atmosphere and give its intended reader a sense of fear. Even though it may have fantastical elements within   its genre, the setting is usually entirely realistic. 

So I found  an article called 144 Genres and Subgenres for Fiction Writing by Tonya Thompson  and in the article  werewolves  are classified under monsters which is a subgenre  of  Horror.

But did you know there was another sub-genre that is considered in the realm of the fantasy genre?

It is called the paranormal genre or speculative fiction and this   genre is a subgenre of fantasy.  The paranormal genre consists of   all of the   monsters   that go bump in the night which includes werewolves.

Whereas wikipedia  has  defined the werewolf genre and classified  it   as being  a  genre  that  can be categorized in  both  horror and fantasy      

Just by looking at  these  two definitions  of  where  the werewolf genre  is  categorized  under we  can assume that  the werewolf genre  is  used  both in  fantasy and   horror   and can be used  in an  exceptional and  varied storylines and plots because of the ancients  roots the werewolf folklores stem from with its various re interpretations   of the genre. 

Thus  a   writer  can draw  from  previous  folklores  and myths of werewolves  in order  to create   a fantastical and horrific  tale.

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This Shiny Relic; Safyral : A Scene in the 13th Chapter


Oh Isohel,Oh Isohel. THE VOICE FROM  ABOVE

A creepy prayer  and a  race  to survive . This is what  my  main  character  Sirena  faces in  this 3rd  scene of  my 13th chapter .  Yup . I’m not finished quite yet with the chapter but  I ‘m getting there and  it feels great . 

So all last week and the  week before  I had writers  block( you can read more about that in the post WRITERS  BLOCK  IN THE 13TH  CHAPTER.   And as you know  writers  block is  not  great tohave or let alone  healthy .  But I  managed to pull through for now.  I got  a lot  written as far as  the  scene goes.

The scene that I finished is called  This Shiny  Relic ; Safyral .  It’s not a new scene as it was in my 1st draft . The only difference is that I  switched it around where  it is in a new chapter and  I added  Sirena’s friend Eli to the  scene.   


Scene  summary :

In the last scene  Sirena had  to make a choice  to run from the werewolves .  So  she ran  .   In this scene  she comes back to save her friend Eli but  is suddenly approached by  her mother’s  fiancé  Anthony.

Anthony  a  doctor in the  town is really  not who he appears to be but  in fact  a  Castus  Healer werewolf Hunter .  He tells  Sirena  he didn’t  know at first  she was  a werewolf  but  then  realized  that she was one  after  she became attracted  to the  a shiny relic  called  a safyral that was hidden away in  his desk in a  previous scene. 

He then attacks her with  the Safyral telling her  that he will try to save from being a beast , her so her mother, him , Sirena and her sister can all be a proper family . 


The shiny relic called a safyral; the sword of burning hearts,  a  healing dagger that has been blessed to cut through the stomach which is poisonous to the caninruh after it has been blessed. is  a dagger sword  that  when blessed  is used  to exorcise  or cut out the  heart of the  werewolf in  order to heal them  so  they  will be able to be  mortal.

Photo by Katho Mutodo on


Are usually  natural healers and exorcist priest who believe in curing the caninruh of their evil spirits by cutting out the heart,  through their stomach in order to cure them. Afterwards they sow the stomach up.   They live and hunt in the FOREST mountainous regions of RED SILVA MOUNTAIN .  They are perceptive and possess very strong tracking skill , using the luring, and calling  method  of hunting and usually The CASTUS men are the only ones who can perform the exorcism and the woman are usually the ones who trap and hunt the caninruh.  At the Castus ceremony  they say a prayer  and bless the  dagger  sword  and  the  soul. 


The castus prayer  to bless the Safyral  relic   is called  THE VOICE OF ABOVE .  This is the  prayer:

Oh Isohel,Oh Isohel. THE VOICE FROM  ABOVE .I offer  you this reaping. This cutting, this oath of banishment from evil by the Safyral, the sword of burning hearts so you can deliver a rebirth of a fallen messenger and finally  grant  us salvation for this weak one.  oh Isohel, cut, bless, curse and   cast away the beast within this weak soul! Throw it upon the Rigel and Star of Eridu. Eridu , oh  celestrial  Isohel . I summon you  and all the father and mother Isohels. All the celestial forces of Eridani. All the travlers of time itself.  Arcus  Auroria , PSI  Tau. Ori .  from  Valgrind to the realms of Camara.  Pulṓn. the sanctums of Eridanus.Grant  salvation ! Banish this Evil!  Oh celestial Isohel Eridu benedico maledire sacrum dominus. Oh Isohel,Oh Isohel. THE VOICE FROM  ABOVE.”

I do not  necessarily put the prayer within this particular  scene but  I do in the next  and  briefly in a scene  in the upcoming chapters. 

Anthony  is the only  Castus  that the reader  will see  through this first novel  and  I  will continue  to explore the  Castus society throughout future  novels between Sirena and  the other  characters.

As for  whether  Sirena  will survive  in this scene.?  Well  yes  of course  or there will  not  be a book .  The real  question  is how  and that  is what I continue  to explore in the next scene of this   chapter . 

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Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

I  wasn’t’  going to add them but  guess what?  I  did . Yup   I have  just added  two more  character  boards to my Pinterest .

These  two  Pinterest character boards are of the  two  main  antagonist/ villains of the During the Blue Hour  novel .  Xavier and Mary .  You might  want to  view the boards  because guess what?  There are hints and reveals of who  they are.    And  these character  pins I  would say fit them to a T . 

I’m loving it.  

I haven’t found pictures  quite yet to reveal their  powers . However  these boards   reveal   mostly  who  they are , their  attitudes and their style  . But I will keep on searching  for the ones that do reveal their powers.

Xavier celestial power  is to turn  your brain  to mush and  basically  confuse   you.

Mary’s  power  is a little   different where  she  can  do  rather a lot . She can  make you forget everything or anything and she can also  see  your  past  thoughts  like a  rewind videotape .

So yeah  somewhat  harder to find .  But I’ll get there.

Take a look  and let me know what you think . 



If you haven’t  already  you can also take a look  at the other character boards that I made.

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 When  I  was   in film school   I was  always   told this about   writing.  A  writer  is like an  architect . A script and  manuscript is the blueprint for the story; the schematics. 

Within the schematics  there are what you  call the structures  or foundation of the stories   that you build  or create.  Usually   the beginning   , middle and end .  Within  novel writing and screenwriting  this   is called  act   structure. Act  structure  is always  important when writing your novel or screenplay.   Without  it  or  done incorrectly   as the writer you have no story.  The   foundation  or the blueprint breaks apart  entirely.

There are many ways  to build  a structure  for your story and it all boils  down to how you plan the  blueprint  of your   story within  your novel or screenplay.

My many years of learning about writing  has  taught  me  there are close to over  7 different  types of act  structures. 

I  was only taught and experimented   with 5  and so  those  are the  act structures  I  will discuss and then  I  will tell  you what  my favorite  act structure is and why.

The very first   structure   I’m  going to talk about  is a structure  I’m   sure  every  writer has  heard of before. It is  the most basic structure of them  all . And  you   learn  elements   of  this act structure   when you  are  in   grade school.  This   act structure

is called  the THREE ACT STRUCTURE 


Like I  said the three act structure  is the most  basic one of them all .  This  act structure goes back all the way into antiquity.   The  Ancient Greeks made it  prevalent and  Hollywood  took it and ran  with it making  it the most  popular, simplest and favorite writing formula  of them all.

The three act structure has  this  formula .

ACT 1 The Set-Up

Where you introduce  your  character  and  establish the setting   of your story

ACT 2 The Confrontation

Where  the problem  of the story arises and becomes bigger and  even more  dangerous   by the page . There  is no  clear  resolution.   

ACT 3 The Resolution

Where all  the problems  and conflicts of the story is tied  up in a neat bow and resolved .  

See  this act structure  is very  simple .  But  the  act  structures continue   to get  a little complicated .   The next  act structure  sort of close  to the three act structure is  called   Snowflake Method

2. Snowflake Method

The snowflake  method is more  for  if you’re  the type of writer who outlines. So for outliners  .   It was created  and first used by  Randy Ingermanson  and has 10 steps  .   Basically you start with a  central idea and build upon it   with paragraphs. If  you want to know more about it visit   here…..  

The next  act structure  that writers can use   to write their novel is  the     

   3. The 7-Point Story Structure

This   act structure  gets   a little bit more complicated  but  with  patience  it  turns out well . With this act structure you have to start at the end  with your resolution   and  until  you get to the beginning. Basically  you go backwards .  This is to reassure that you start strong with your main character  arc and  only build upon  the core  instances  of your  story.  It involves these  7 points :

Hook —  Where  your character  starts out  .

Plot turn 1 — The event that sets your story in motion and moves you from the beginning  and introduces the conflict where  your character’s world changes. This is basically when you character sets out on his/her journey.

Pinch point 1 — where the antagonist shows up

Midpoint —  your character  will make a decision about what to do with  the antagonist 

Pinch point 2 —   everything gets worst for your main character

Plot turn 2 — your character findds new  information to stop the  antagonist.

Resolution — The  climax of the story.  The ultimate show down between the  main character and the antagonist.

If you think the above  two structures are harder you  going to hold your breath  for the next one .   Because it  involves  the HERO’S JOURNEY. 


 The hero’s  journey can be similar to the  7 point  structure  but it involves  a much  greater writing formula.  Created  by  and first used by Joseph Campbell.  The heroes  journey is most commonly  used  by fantasy and sci-fi  writers  and is created   for your  main  character  to come full circle  in his journey but  show their apparent change in the end .   The formula of the  hero’s journey includes 12 steps inside of 3  stages  instead of 7 points :

1. The Departure :  your  hero   emarks on a journey away from their   ordinary   world .

    1 — Ordinary  World –   your hero’s everyday life .

    2 — The Call to Adventure-  hero’s world is turned  upside down and can  never be the same again

    3 — Refusal of the Call- your hero hesitates  . The  refuse  the adventure

    4 — Meeting With the Mentor- A mentor helps them see the light at the  end of the tunnel  . Usually at this point  encourages to take the call to adventure.

    5 — Crossing the First Threshold – your  hero gets the courage to go forward with the  adventure.   They can’t turn  back at this point. 

  1. Initiation: Your hero  comes across their  real and very  first obstacle .  And is highly challenged.

    6 — Tests, Allies, and Enemies-   the hero meets the ones they trust  and faces  trials and tribulations

    7 — Approach to the Inmost Cave – the  hero  intercept   hidden dangers  and must them head  on.

    8 — The Ordeal- the hero  faces their darkest hour

    9 — Reward (Seizing the Sword) your hero   finally defeats their enemies

  1. Return : the hero enters  their normal world again. They  can come  on  home  finally.  The end .

    10 — The Road Back-  The hero  is tricked  and deceived.  The  battle is hardly finished .

    11 — The Resurrection-  Since  the battle is not over  the hero  faces  the  most horrifying threat  yet

    12 — Return With the Elixir- the hero  has changed . Their ordinary world is not so ordinary  anymore.  They have made it back home  triumphally.

Whew ! That was a long one and most writers might find it the most difficult   structure  to use but there  is one more  act structure .   This structure  is called  In Medias Res

  1. In Medias Res

In  medias Res  means in the mists  of things and it usually   used in film as a film technique.  In a novel   that means just jumping into the action of things.   

The formula consist of :

Rising Action

Explanation (backstory)


Falling Action


So  these are the five act  structures  I have learned  and experimented with over the years . My  favorite act structure  is the hero’s  journey.  Can it be any obvious .  I write  scifi and fantasy.  I like the hero’s  journey because  it has so many   in ‘s and outs  to the creation  of a  story. And I   love the fairytale aspect  of the structure where  you have all the  archetypes there  to use and take from.

I use a  combination of the three act structure and heroes journey  in my work in progress  novel During the Blue Hour. While  writing my novel  the hero’s  journey  can be seen within  the  overall  book  series   that  I   have planned for and  set up but   I use  it in smaller  pockets  within  the first novel  where it concerns  my main  character Sirena.   

Book 1  DURING THE BLUE HOUR –  is  the departure

Book 2 DURING THE TWILIGHT HOUR  will  be the  Initiation

Book  3  DURING  THE GOLDEN HOUR   will  be  the Return

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Combine & Condense in the 2nd draft or should I wait until the 3rd draft ?


While looking over my chapters in my 2nd draft of my work in progress novel, I widely considered lately that I might have to go back  and  combined and condense  the chapters . I’ve done this like once or twice so far  already that is why  in my 2nd draft  I’m on chapter 12 . But I really think I’m not supposed to be on chapter 12 right now because  in my 1st draft I was on chapter 7 at this point in my novel . But I don’t  know we will  see . This  is what it might all come down to in the end . I might just finish this draft of the novel and then go back and  combine and condense afterwards and just make it a 3rd draft. That is what revision is for right?

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Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay

Ravens  are the most  bad ass  animals  besides  wolves  in the animal  kingdom .  They  are  intellectually  the  strongest   of animals and  that is why it  is said that they are tricksters  and also  that they are called wolf birds because they hang out  with   wolves .   Yup I said it . Wolves and  Ravens  are  old chums and always  have been  . So ordinarily  what’s  a  werewolf story  without a  raven in the mix?  I’m sure every  novel  about werewolves has one, right? Well I do . 

Three days ago I  posted about talking animals .  Did you know  that in  fiction and mythology the raven  when considered a talking  animal represents prophecy and insight?

In stories they are usually psychopomps.

Psychopomps are  creatures, spirits, angels, or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife. Their role is not to judge the deceased, but simply to guide them.

Ravens are often  considered as a mediator  animal of life and death.  

In North  American mythology among the  Inuit , Tsimishians and Haidas  ravens are  known as  either the creator  of the world  or as  a trickster.  Another  mythology  says that the raven  comes  from the land of spirits. 

Within Haida mythology the raven  is frequently seen as a trickster and has been described as the greediest, most lecherous and mischievous creature but also  helps  humans with the spiritual world.

In  Sweden folklore  the raven  was thought of as ghost  who were murdered .

In some  cultures  the raven was  a harbinger  of death.

As you know ravens are scavengers whether it be human or  animal they can find food  anywhere. They know how to  take  advantage of any  other animal to help  get food.  They can learn to imitate different sounds, including the human voice. In nature, their calls include guttural croaks, gurgling noises, that also include  a sharp, metallic tock. And  this is where the wolves come in the picture .  Being around other animals make  the raven  accessible to food.  The raven follows  packs  and  are usually seen  flying over  or beside the wolf.

Because of this wolves interact more with the  raven than any other  animal and like I  said  are best buds with them .  The  raven in actuality protects the  wolves  by calling out if there is danger near. They are also said to draw  other animals such as the elk near  so  the wolves can   tear and eat through the meat and then the raven  goes  ahead and eat.


In my  work in progress novel During the Blue Hour I  use the raven as a trickster but also as a Psychopomp . They are beings called  earth divers, a type   of  celestial  beings and a type of Viators  of Caelum . They  are powerful celestial beings  who have the power  to manipulate  time  and shapeshift.  The ravens in my novel are   guardians to the werewolves. They help  protect them  and they watch over  them.  But they  are also tricksters  who are also   tired of  werewolf politics. And so even though they  protect the werewolves  they give them  a  difficult   time   by  having a little  fun and tricking them.  They are very  warrior like and clever  when it comes to  a battle. 

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I’m sure all writers have experienced  the complications of  creating their  fiction novel world.  Worldbuilding  is complicated. It takes time  planning , crafting and organization.    Apart of worldbuilding  especially  for fantasy and scifi  writers is  map building, map making ,  map creation ,  whatever you want to call it.

Usually  you see   the gamers  using maps to  create their worlds  and they  have a  whole bunch of  software  and sites  for it.  But  did you know   map creation is also a useful worldbuilding tool  for writers?

I  love   creating maps (and also  family trees but  that is another post for another day.)  No. I don’t  draw. I can’t draw.   Even though I went to art school  my drawing ability is crap (that’s what my teachers said loud and clear)   So what did I  do? I use  the computer of course .However, creating maps takes time   and can get a little complicated especially on some software and  sites. 

 My journey  with creating maps started   while I was planning  my first draft.   Remember  if you listened  to my first podcast  episode   I planned my  book   for a whole   year before writing anything.  

I  still  see  places   in my head that I  have to figure  out for my novel since things drastically  changed   in this   2nd draft .  Like the overall  structure  in my  world  . 

 In my first  draft   the  world was an alternative universe  of Canada   with a made up  town that  mirrored  Nunavut in  some  instances.  So  for  this  I used google maps . This was around   2011  and so I wasn’t sure  if there were any  good map making sites or software   then.  I t was  hard   because  using google maps I  tried  to create a mountain that  wasn’t   there  and it became frustrating to  play  around with  google maps.

I remember that   if you   were  signed  up to  google  you   could have private maps and   at the time  on latest  writing  forum  it was   popular with  most  fiction  writers to use google  maps to create  their worlds.

So now it is 2021  and I’m   finally   in my   2nd  draft  of my work in progress  .   So  I’m  still  creating my  worlds  by  using maps   and   I finally  found a  good     free  website   to  build   maps .  In this 2nd draft  there are  no alternate  universe  instead    I  created a whole new  world called  Neoera .  

So far  I’ve  created  two maps HERE IS ONE.


I’m still not  finished  but with  just those two maps  it  took more  than  two whole weekends to complete.

Not  that  I didn’t  know  the  cities  and  states of my novel   it  was  like I  didn’t know  the   many   rivers and mountains I wanted –  the terrain .  And then I  had to account for  the   scenery  and what  not  I didn’t mentioned in the novel so far.   So   I had to research.  Because  in my novel I don’t mention  the population  or what not .  

It wasn’t  perse  complicated but more time consuming.   I mean  it was fun  .  It wasn’t  boring . I didn’t even want to stop playing around  with the map making tools.    While   experimenting with  the map making  it allowed  me to  get more story ideas  ,  story plots and see clearly the routes  where  my  characters  are traveling  in the story  and will be traveling in the   future   yet to be written  novels.  

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Happy fourth of July . Unlike most people  who are out  BBQ  and celebrating  our country’s  freedom with fireworks,  unfortunately I  will not be  one of those people  this year.   Not that I don’t  want to.  I’ve  celebrated a many 4th  of July’s.   But this  year  on this  day  I have the inspiration   to write  and  get my chapters  written. 

I just  want  to continue a  routine  that I don’t break  so  I can try to  reach my goals to finish the 2nd draft   by the end of the  summer.   And I kind of find this day  a  stress free  day to write .  Most holidays are for me  though.  Although  I may take a   rest later  on.  But   writing for me  is my escape.  My   rest.  And I never  get tired  of doing it.  Sometimes  I  write with music  and the  words  just come flowing. 

I  Can’t think of no other  day like today to write and work on my novel. 

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Do you  work on your novel  on  the 4th of  July  or  other  holidays?  

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Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

I’m back with solely talking about werewolves again.  I know. I know you’re tired  of hearing me go on and on about werewolves.  But I can’t  stop because  my work in progress  novel and hopefully  my future sequels is about , you guessed  it.  WEREWOLVES!

Okay so you know  how  in pop culture  werewolf  mythology  werewolves when injured  would automatically , miraculously  heal themselves.

Well you want  to know  a  secret?  My  werewolves  don’t  heal. 


Yes I know .Crazy ,right ?

 Like I said in all my other post  I  like  experimenting.  I  wanted  to try something  different and take away  that one  trait  that makes  them  the  conventional   werewolf .   Matter  of fact  I  do away with most of those   conventional traits.

No !  But that’s  not a  werewolf .  You might say.

Yes it is . My  werewolf.  My werewolves  use  healers  to heal them  with Saliva .

You want  to know more about it? Okay let me tell you a little bit more but first let  me  delve into some Real world Research



when injuring themselves  you normally see  dogs  tending  to attempt to heal themselves  by licking  their   wounds , hence  the saying,  ” lick your wounds “ which is an expression which  means  to recover from a defeat or a rebuke .

Wound licking however is rather real and  is an instinctive response in humans and many other animals to lick an injury.

Oral mucosa  is said to heal faster than skin. And saliva contains tissue factor which promotes the blood clotting mechanism.  This forms a protective covering  which  turns into a scab . Saliva  also has  antibacterial  properties  which  can  heal a wound

(this is a amazon affiliate link. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.)

Dog saliva has been said by many cultures to have curative powers in people.  This belief it said to have  gone all the way back to Egypt where  they allowed  dogs  to lick  the  people to heal them.  As time  went on and this  got around  within other societies  they started training dogs to  heal  people with the saliva.

Even though other  animals such as cats, primates and rodents  all lick themselves to heal

There are six components in a canine’s saliva  which are said  to have healing  properties:

  • Lysozyme
  • Lactoferrin,
  • Opiorphin
  • Thrombospondin
  • Nitrate
  • Protease


The world  of the Blue Hour,  my  werewolf , the Caninruh  are  vulnerable  to  anything  and everything  even though  they are  still rather  powerful  creatures. 

There  are a set  of  Caninruh who are  simply  healers of the packs   who has  the  celestial power to   heal  other  beings  and other  Caninruh  with  the Saliva  of their  tongue and they practice the act of wound licking  .

One  of the main members of  the yearling pack in my work in progress  novel is  one of those Caninruh  healers.   

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Did you know that  dogs  Saliva had a  healing  property? 

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A Writer’s Summer Reading List


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I mentioned in recent post  how good it is to be a writer and read outside of your written genre  while  working  on a  work in progress novel. Its summertime. And you know what that means?  Work on  our novels ! Yes that is true but I don’t mean just  that.  Summertime  is the perfect time to read as a writer. Yes . It’s time to pack up not just your writing pad and pen but also a good reading book and  head on to the beach. I sure am. 

I mentioned  the  current book I was planning on reading . Well I  started the book but I still have books I want to read  and I  have compiled  my current summer  reading list . So here   are the  books  outside of my written genre I’m planning on  reading for the rest of the summer.

Outlander  by: Diana Gabaldon

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Okay so  I kind of wrote 2 post on this TV show/ book already . If you have read my other  post  you know how  I critiqued  the show  so far . So I bought  the book and  started reading it the other  day . Even though  I’m only on  chapter  2 . I will  hopefully  be finished  with it soon .

Hot Halcon Nights: A Tale of the Pan-Galactic Empire (Tales of the Pan-Galactic Empire Book 1)  by Joseph Isenberg

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My next  summer  read after Outlander  involves  a humorous  science fiction  space  fleet   story about  the 81 century and genetically modified  lemurs . This book was referred to me  and sounds very interesting  and fun and I  can’t  wait to read it.

Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll

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This is a book  that  delves  into the world of  watchers , fae and magic .

I read this book years ago  but  will  reread it  this summer  because the last time I finished the book  the  sequel  wasn’t out and so I forgot about the  book  all  together .   So it would be a  refresher  before  reading the sequels in  the series. 

So these are only three books right now that  I’m reading and planning  on reading this summer . But there will be more because  I haven’t finished my own  novel yet and I need more inspiration outside of my genre of writing about werewolves.

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What books are you planning  on  putting on your summer reading list as you write and head on to the beach?  Or what books are you reading already this summer? 

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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