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Completed chapter 14. The chapter is called Inside the yearling cave.

This Chapter was pretty heavy and intense. A chapter filled with a lot of reflective and judgmental moments for the characters and a lot of newfound reality moments for the characters. So, the music I chose for this chapter was kind of in-between being heavy and reflective but also action pact because there is another chase scene.  

So here is my playlist for this chapter 14:

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What  songs do you play  while you  write your  novel?

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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You’re Not Mortal is the 4th scene in the 14th chapter of the 2nd draft of the work in progress novel During the Blue Hour.  I finally completed not only this scene but the whole of chapter 14.  Let me tell you I was dawdling through this scene not because it was boring but because I had to rewrite most of it.   The new version of this chapter came to 8928 words. The you’re not mortal scene came to 3554 words total.  The longest word counts out of all the scenes and chapters so far in the 2nd draft.

SCENE SYNOPSIS: Sirena is finally told by Cristen that she is not mortal, but in fact a caninruh  and that she must stay with the pack in order to protect her, but her reaction is more than what is expected   from Cristen and Sirena runs off in disbelief back to her mortal community.

In this scene it is in the 1st love interest  pov ; Cristen and he has to convince Sirena that she is one of them.  I originally wrote the scene in 2012 within the first draft but it wasn’t this long.   It’s pretty much the same but the interactions and locations are somewhat different. 

In this draft Adrian shows back up to the group and in front of Sirena in the form of the large werewolf and ordinarily Sirena would be afraid, but she can tell the difference between Adrian and any other beast because of his apparent kindness. 

But like I said Cristen is the main POV   so his perception is warped in this scene but not because he is an empath, and he can sense the energies between both Sirena and Adrian.  So, within this scene there is a lot of tension because he is the alpha of the yearling werewolf pack and sees Adrian as trying to undermine him.  In reality Adrian has fallen for Sirena   and they are talking telepathically.  Cristen doesn’t like that. 

My greatest pitfall for this chapter is trying to keep the tension between the triangles.   In the other chapters Sirena’s attitude is not one of being afraid but curious, even though she uses the excuse she is going to find her friend it is also because she is curious about the teenage wolves that saved her from the bear.  However, she is still running away from them because she is in disbelief over the fact Cristen has told her she is actually a werewolf like the rest of them.  

Moreover, she runs away because she has to face this truth that is her   most hidden and dreadful fear in which she had tried to keep buried and locked within her dreams. 

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Do you have a character  that has  this most dreadful  fear that  they  try to  keep hidden ?

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Short question to fuse your mind and make you think. How was the automobile even possible in a world of generations of animal transportation? How did the sudden appearance of the automobile technology revolutionize a whole world within only 50 years who were masked in a technology dark age for over thousands of years only using animal transportation?

I will explore this question and more in full on my new podcast documentary series Forgotten history coming soon .

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*UPDATE: The next podcast episode 11 will be a deep dive analysis on the serialized short story The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains. in my Werewolf in fiction podcast series coming soon. Check out the story and see what it is about down below.

What does a  seafaring adventure involving  a man trying to save  his father have to do with werewolves? Well a lot .

The  1838  Gothic Novel by  Frederick Marryat  which explorers the legend of the  Flying Dutchman,  a  tale about a  ghost ship  interestingly  also  includes not only other supernatural  components but a whole  chapter about  a werewolf.

This Chapter about a werewolf  was  even  expanded and serialized into its own short story  called  The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains.

Cleverly and remarkably written it told the story  of Kratz   who leaves to the mountains  of  Germany with his three children after killing  his wife and lover.

He distracts himself  with hunting wolves  in the mountain  but one day  is  intercepted  by a man and his daughter.  He  takes  them back to the cottage where his three children are.   After three  weeks of knowing the woman he accepts her hand in marriage  from her father. However  he  really doesn’t  know who he has married  because it is soon  revealed the  girl is a werewolf.

There is more that happens  but I liked   it  for  a  werewolf story  and to me  it sort of had  like a Moby-Dick vibe to it.   Give  it a read and let me know what you think .    

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Russia’s Forgotten History & The white wolf of the Hartz Mountains Review Podcast EP. Coming Soon…


So, I have been busy working and going back and forth on two podcast episodes.

I’m working on a new series called   Forgotten History. And while working on this first episode I created   some shorts history   questions to get the   mind to start to think about what the real story behind our history might be.

The most recent shorts were:

Pompeii (Forgotten History)

ROME(Forgotten History)

The first episode won’t be connected to these shorts right now but will be a full podcast episode about the forgotten history on the Rus. And I will continue with a whole series of episodes about Russia and exploring   different questions I had and how   it pertains to our history and the world. So please   if you   are interested in learning about Russia with me join me in exploring its forgotten history, coming soon…

The next project I’m working on is from the ongoing podcast Discovering the Blue Hour episode 11 where I will be talking about and going in-depth about the short story, The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains.   It is a part of my werewolf in fiction series within my podcast and I will also be discussing book end framing technique in writing and the history of magazine serials and how it’s on the rise again in the writing community.  I would love for you to join be for this episode if you like writing.

To catch up on what The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains is I wrote a post about it last year entitled:

WEREWOLVES IN FICTION :The Phantom Ship “The Flying Dutchman”

Let me know what you think about the short story before I release the podcast episode coming soon…

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Another short question to fuse your mind and make you think. Was Pompeii really the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? You decide. What is the forgotten history of POMPEII?
Leave your comments down below. I want to know. Let’s start a dialogue.

I will explore this question and more in full on my new podcast documentary series Forgotten history coming soon .

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Short question to fuse your mind and to make you think. Was Rome really destroyed in a day? What is the forgotten history of Rome?
Leave your comments down below. I want to know. Let’s start a dialogue.

I will explore this question and more in full on my new podcast documentary series Forgotten history coming soon .

To get more information on the upcoming series visit the Forgotten History page on my website at:

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What do you think about how characters introduce themselves to other characters that don’t know their name?  Is it on the nose?

So, I am working on this scene in chapter 14 where a terrified Sirena (my main character) has just seen the werewolf pack    in their nonhuman form, and she is scared shitless   by their appearance being their red eyes.   So, she doesn’t   say anything to them, but she is freaking out.  So, her   love interest Cristen, alpha of the pack, in his point of view   introduces himself and the rest of the pack excluding Adrian (he isn’t there) by name to get her to calm down.  

 So, my question is:

Is naming names within a scene like this so on the nose?

Let’s explore.  Well, if you think about it, do we use each other name in daily conversation when we are talking? No.  Because   that would lead   to boring and stilted   conversation, right?

But what about when we first meet someone? 

Someone usually says, ” What’s your name?”  or ” Who are You?”

And   we usually say, ” my name is so and so,” right?  And that’s okay because we have never met that person.

But what about when it’s in fiction?   Can we name names? 

Answer is It depends. 

 Dialogue is the trickiest component in writing a fiction novel. Things can easily get bogged down and messed up making the dialogue seem stilted and unreal.   But when writing dialogue, we want to make it as real as we can.

So naming names in fiction is only really used for emphasis or trying to get a character’s attention.  But must be careful not to overuse it.

In my case   I only use   this one   time in my novel for two reasons   really:

  • Because my main character Sirena has  never  met  the pack
  • And second because  she is freaking out and Cristen  trying to  get her  to calm down  .  

So, I’m going to see where this naming names scene takes me, and I’ll let you know how  it goes . 

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Have you written or read a dialogue scene where the one character is naming names?

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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Sparks  fly in  this love  triangle I  got  going on my  work in progress novel but how?

The love triangle   in  my work in progress  novel is  just a  subplot  in this first novel actually  and begins  on the 12th  chapter of my 2nd draft.

The two love  interest Adrian and Cristen    won’t actually realize  they have  feeling for Sirena  until  after  they find out  she is  a werewolf. Based  on how they are  raised  they  don’t  really have any interest   in romancing  and mating  with a human girl and I don’t explore that  until  maybe my 3rd  book  in which case Eli will be the human that a new werewolf  character named Amarantha  falls  in love with him.

But  anyways there will be sparks between them  all that they will ignore up until chapter 12.  Not only  because  they think   she is human but because they also have their  own goals .  This  chapter 14 is where  they  finally  establish  she is defiantly  a  werewolf  and  boy do the  emotions  and sparks fly.  All kinds of jealousy and animosity  all over the place.

Sirena has just found out she is a werewolf from love interest Cristen and the rest of   his pack.  She is in this confusion scared state where she doesn’t believe any of what has just been told to her even though she already has been through a lot within the previous chapters.   She literally has been almost killed twice. The first time by a religious wolf hunter and almost kidnapped by the wolf council. 

But when she sees  Adrian  she softens a bit because  Adrian  saved her  from  getting mauled   by a  dog  in previous  chapters. But  just a bit because he is in   his werewolf form  with  red  eyes and  everything is  just  weird  to Sirena.   She   doesn’t  and can’t believe what is before  her.  But  that sense  of familiarity   from him  makes her  draw closer  to him  as  though she is a  magnetic  .

Cristen wants help  from the earth diver to  get off the mountain but in order to do that he has to  help Sirena.   

Adrian wants to become the alpha and so  he  thinks  he can use  his new found knowledge  about Sirena to  do that.

This love triangle between the three will  consist of a lot of jealously  , betrayals and secrets .

The main Character Sirena  will  be interested in both of them and she will have a reason to be interested in both of them.  They will be her  first ever love  interest. 

 She is interested  in Adrian  because  he seems to understand her in a way. They  seem to get along  and she likes Adrian  because he never seems to be afraid to tell her the  truth  of things no matter how harshly  he delivers  it.  And she respects him for that.   And also he ends  up saving her most of the time. 

With her falling for Cristen he    is reasonable, compassionate, and kind to her  and seems to understand  her differently  because he can easily read  her emotions and  see through  her insecurities  because   of his powers and abilities  and  he connects her  with his emotions and  calm her  emerging  werewolf  rage.  And  she  is able to do the same , calming him of his  werewolf rage  since his powers are not fully developed as  well.

I  don’t have Sirena really going back and forth  over them like a drag out decision . Time is of the essence and she   really has no time to  play  teenage  love games with the two werewolf boys .  Because she is about to become a  werewolf  herself dammit.

I  only put in a little section within the novel where  both Adrian and Cristen will  give her an ultimatum   to choose between them  but  she is like wait hold  the phone  .  She   is new  to the  whole boyfriend   experience and feelings  thing  especially  with them both being werewolves  where they date differently.  They don’t date  . They mate  and become pair bonds. (pair bonds is a real thing  in the real world  in wolf society. Check this article out about ( pair bonds)But in my novel they can’t officially mate until they get  to the  werewolf community anyway.   Another reason why they are rushing her to make a choice is because  they have never seen another  werewolf girl besides  Imani. And Imani  is Adrian’s sister who is  the future  pair bond to  Bastian.  Cristan  always  also saw Imani as a  sister  so yeah . Sirena  is basically the only werewolf  girl  right now they can choose from. 

She basically  tells them they are both  crazy and she is not going to mate with them .

This particular scene  in my first draft that will soon be in my 2nd draft  doesn’t  mean Sirena doesn’t  choose  one of them  because she does .   I don’t want to really tell  you who but  there  is a kissing  scene between Sirena and one of the  two boys.   And the other  boy    is  greatly devasted by Sirena’s  choice.

This choice  that Sirena makes will bring a lot of conflict  between both Adrian  and Cristen   even though they  already hate  each other  over the whole  alpha   situation( I talk about that  type of rivalry  in a different post)  Her  decision  doesn’t  make anything better   in the story  even other characters hate her for  what she decides.   Let  me just  give you a little (spoiler) her decision   comes to a tragic  accumulation .  She is never  selfish  about  her decision and she doesn’t  string them along but  it’s  just that the reveal  of    secrets  and lies  get in the way and makes her choice  worse  for everybody  at  the end .

This   love triangle  subplot   is  basically  scattered   mostly toward  the middle and end of my novel.  I can’t say  that  the three character actually fall  in love  perse .   All three of these characters  just have these  new found feelings . They are all teenagers in this first novel  .   And they don’t  know what their  feelings are  yet.  

The  only  two characters  I  can say that   know exactly   what their feeling are  with each other are  Bastian and Imani but their true love will  be tested  in my later  books  and  I  don’t  know  where those particular  love triangle  storylines will go yet .  

Did I  need a love triangle in this  first novel?  No . I mean I could  have done without  one.  I didn’t have one in my pre-draft   screenplay version . But   I just thought  it would be fun to add more conflict to the  story.   I kind of  like  reading love triangles in other novels and thought I’d give  it a try writing  about one  myself.  

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Have you ever wondered how moments in   history are related, and connected to one another? I have too. Even though I am a fiction writer I love history because knowing history allows me like all writers to create worlds beyond our imaginations.  My journey as a fantasy   writer has also led me to question things like where did the creation of dragons come from within fantasy and sci-fi fiction if it didn’t really exist at some point in time?  Being a writer, you can clearly see the answers to those type of questions because of research.  When doing a simple search in your search engine on dragons a writer will find that the creation of dragons   originated from many different cultures from around the world.  From China with their snake-like creature with four legs dragons to the Mesoamerican with their legend of the feathered-serpent.    Each of those two cultures described them both as snake like.   Another question from this arises for the writer.  Like how did these cultures get the same idea of a dragon and what they should be or look like?  

 I am one of those that have strong beliefs that most of our history, our true   history has been readily forgotten and that they are all connected to one another like the pages and scenes of a book. And I along   with others have many questions that I want answers to. And so, I will explore questions and answers and try to find the connections behind the most famous moments in history except it will be the forgotten history that no one   dares to talk about.  I will delve and research explicitly everything and anything   about the forgotten history of our world and planet.

There are many podcasts that talk about and discuss the histories of our world and planet as well.   But I will be talking about history as a whole from a different point of view, the point of view and opinions of history from a fantasy fiction writer   on this blog along with my novel series.

 My goal essentially will be to connect each point of history with each other and see how they relate to one another ultimately putting together history like a puzzle or mystery to be solved.   

To give you an idea of the topics I will be exploring and some of my favorite topics I will be starting the first few podcast episodes with exploring the forgotten   History of Russia and slowly up to the end of war world 1 seg waying and making pit stops here and there over to American history and the gilded age.

Come along with me as I Explore and delve into the forgotten history of our world. 

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I will be posting podcast episode earlier Sometimes and snippets if you would like to listen and see those episodes   they’ll be on the website.

 Leave your comments and suggestions for future podcast.  I would love to hear from you. Let’s start a dialogue about our forgotten history.