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A concept shortfilm based on the wip novel “During the Blue Hour,” -about a teenage girl who discovers her ancestry belongs to a celestrial race of extinct wolves. 


– All your life You were like everybody else    you hung out with friends you celebrated birthdays and most of all you strived to be  the best you could be at what you loved .    You even had  that one chance  to become who everybody adored.  But Then one day because of a book  you found in your bag   every aspect of your reality changed ballet became  the unattainable dream.  Soon you had  nightmares about wolves with red eyes    you found the dead  body of your friend in the mountains    you then had to  suddenly  search for your family who were taken   by an unforseenable force  Turned out those wolves with the red eyes  that  lurked in the shadows of your nightmare  was not just a dream or mere fairytale but A secret  revealed that was  the real truth of your reality.  the very secret that was hidden from you all  your life    A secret of  a powerful transformation  you tried to pull away from and resist. because if you dared to dance  you would put everyone  in danger .   and become one of those wolves  with red eyes;  a werewolf creature called the Canineruh   _______________________________________________________________ 

Welcome to the  Discover the Blue hour  channel ; writing advice, thoughts & ramblings for a upcoming wip novel  During the  Blue Hour about  a different type  of werewolf.   

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