In the Hour of Humanity: Remembrance Novel Concept Short film 10

Zios would never Forget

Zios had to stay busy . And so he worked to keep the thoughts away. Time was ticking by…
He could not forget. He would never forget…

Watch now and find out why Zios will never forget

A concept short film based on the work in progress novel “During the Blue Hour,” -about a teenage girl who discovers her ancestry belongs to a celestial race of extinct wolves.

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There  is not much out there about writing  dance and ballet  in the fiction novel . But  yet there are tons  of novels about  ballet dancers . I  have yet to read any of them. However, my main character Sirena  is an aspiring  ballet  dancer. For  me it  was hard  writing  this;  meaning my character being into ballet.  How do you write a scene  where  your character is performing a ballet dance?  I struggled  with this question a lot  but  I  came to realize  the answer  to this . It is complicated . You don’t write every step or mechanics of the dance .   And so  I  had to try to  do  this  a lot .  And it took a while to do .  I rewrote scenes  over and over  trying to get it right.  

I  also  looked at the Original Dying Swan Dance by  Anna Pavlova over and over again  to try to figure  out and mark the emotion points  to see  how I was  going to write Sirena  dancing the  same dance .

And so in this 2nd  draft I came up with something like this:   

She stopped  in the middle of nowhere  and  turned her attention  to the night sky. the  stars in the sky  were said once to be  propitious because of their glamorous shine. They were always floating it seemed  careless and unfettered by any  sort of dangers. That is what Sirena loved most about seeing the stars whenever they appeared .

Placing her bag and the cup next to a  rock,  she stood back straight, steadied  herself, held up her head  and glanced up at the waning stars. 

Music played in her head; an orchestra of strings. Le cygne; a classic as old as time.  She hummed the tune she had heard  so many times before. She smiled with grace, towards a stage and audience that materialized before her.

Magic in her eyes she  dreamily circled the stage  with slow ,careful  and precise steps.

She was  now truly the Odette from the ballet. a symbol of harmony and beauty. Regal, refined, loving, and love lorn maiden-swan: airy, feather-light . She was bondage becoming unchained.

With rising motions, swift petite movements and spontaneity, Sirena as Odette fled an old world to a new one. not afraid to depart. desolation to exhalation. But  Odette, the swan of swan lake wasn’t dying. Her life was starting. The  ‘soul’s voyage.  She greeted  immortality.  A final gesture indeed.  But she wasn’t silent anymore. She flew. Odette’s lake flowed and carried her downstream. A lonely sacrifice of course. But she was finally free.

Le cygne ended abruptly in Sirena’s mind and she lifted her body off the ground catching her breath with swirls of euphoria abound,  as the stage and audience faded away…

Needs a little work,  I  know.  But what I try to do with this dance passage  is to focus not on the mechanics  of Sirena’s The Dying Swan  dance  of  Swan lake  but of the  emotions and  the actual scene   and  compare  her with Odette as she dances .   At  the beginning I  only  mention  it once   that she is dancing.   And in the middle  I  mention it one more time  when she is making a transition.  I try  to make Sirena embody  Odette and become  dreamlike .  She is  Odette.  Her fears , hopes  and  thoughts  are  one and the same  in that  moment  upon which she dances.  After  the dance  is done  Sirena  comes   off of a sort  of euphoria.

I  try to make this  dance passage  relevant and significant to the  plot of my story .  With this scene I attempt  to  highlight the importance  .The  Dying Swan represent  transformation.  And  that is why I  use the  Dying swan scattered  throughout my  novel  but in different variations and interpretations  because  Sirena literally   transformations into  the werewolf  as Odette transforms into the swan.

Before Sirena starts  to dance  she  is seen outside in the  mountains .  I  try to juxtapose  where   she is at physically   to where  she is at in her  head when she dances  and becomes  Odette. 

It is an artistic dance. Each dancer over the 100 years since the dance was performed by Anna Pavlova interpreted The Dying Swan in their own way , so I try to describe  the scene of the dance in the best way pertinent to the Character Sirena. 

Moreover , having  Sirena , a character  who is  aspiring to be a ballerina  is risky but  I  took  a chance  because  I felt  like I wanted  to have  my character  interested  in something besides  just  being a student or a regular artist or writer.  Ballet and dance  is important to my novel because  of what  it means  to my character and  the overall  storyline and plot of my novel.  I  also use it as an obstacle for my character even though it is her desire .

If anyone reads this article and they are a dancer or writer who wrote about ballet please let me know your thoughts.

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Everyone has  dreams and aspirations  that makes a person who they are . These dreams and aspirations  also can make you interesting .

Like  you, your characters in your novel should  also have dreams and  aspirations.

These dreams and aspirations are usually  goals that the characters need  or  want to achieve. Your characters dreams and aspiration(goals)  is  what drives  the novel.  Without the characters   dreams and aspirations  your  novel falls completely apart and  the story itself may  feel incomplete. Allowing your characters to have dreams and aspirations  it   keeps your characters on  track throughout  the story.

Giving your character something to strive for is important to your novel .

In my work in progress  werewolf novel, During the Blue Hour   my main character Sirena’s  dreams  and aspirations is to get  out of her town and  become a ballet  dancer  and she is   even able to  somewhat achieve  part of her  goal of winning  a scholarship  at the beginning   of the novel   however   her dream  is  it seems to be taken away from her  after finding out she is a werewolf and  cannot  dance  because her  abilities.  This new found obstacle   pushes her  to  find  a way for a cure so she can dance  again.   But  throughout the story  more  and more  obstacles are thrown  at her  preventing  her from   reaching  her main goal of becoming a  ballerina    throughout the  story .   Moreover, by  the end of the novel  her goals  have changed  and  the one new  goal  she strives  for is  to find a cure .

There  are  two  types  of goals  a character  is  categorized  under:

Societal or external goals is  considered like to save the world type  of goal

Personal or internal goals  is considered  in a way a character prove  to themselves that they are great

Characters can  experience an overlap   with the two goals  . It  can be a private goal   where   the character  has to find  themselves    or  a public   goal where the  characters  expresses   it out loud of what they want to do  . 

No matter the type of  aspirations  or dreams the characters must  always have an obstacle stopping them  from achieving  it but also  a  way to  try  to overcome and  strive to  reach  them .

Remember whatever  dream or aspiration that your character  has must drive  them  forward  in the story.    

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What are your characters dreams and aspirations?

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I don’t know about you but when I  write a scene  I  get a rush  of exhilaration.  I  can  immediately  think of something.  The idea  comes and  I  write  it down.  I’m not saying this happens to me all the time .  I’m going to admit  I do get writers  block sometimes. 

But  when   I write a scene that feeling is such a grand feeling. I feel accomplished   .  I  feel like I   have grown as a writer.   Every   scene I write  I  feel  my   writing  elevating  and my skills getting  stronger.

When I  write a scene I’m able  to jump into the characters  head . However  they call  to me sometimes  willing me to write what they have to say.  Like  a  voice in my head.     Sometimes  they  won’t leave me alone until I put pen to paper .

For example  the 2nd  love interest Adrian  in my  work in progress werewolf novel,   During  the Blue  Hour wasn’t always a main character  . He wasn’t   even a love interest  to my main character Sirena.  Hell he wasn’t  even   Cristian’s  rival  . He  was just a  member  of the yearling pack.  But he pushed  himself  front in center  in my mind and demanded   to be written and his story heard . 

So like a good  little  writer  I complied .  And so  as  I   sit writing  my 2nd draft  his  story is being told.   And I’m having so much  fun writing his story . Every scene   he is  in motivates me to continue and move  on to the next scene.  

That  little  voice in a writer’s  mind .  The  character’s voice that  yearns to be  heard  appears   for a reason and allows that grand feeling you have    while   writing a  scene  to occur. 

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What do the characters voices say in your head while you’re writing?

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The Arch-Enemy in the Novel – A Personal Matter


Okay today I will finally be talking about   another   type  of rivalry  in the novel which will be the archenemy.  The archenemy  is the most commonly used  rivalry in  fiction.  Arch enemy is not necessarily   thought  of as a threat and  sometimes harmless  but they are  thought of as a  foil.

What is a foil?

Well  it is something or  someone  that draws contrast to the other character by accentuating their differences.  They need to be seen together otherwise the  contrasting characters   writing  tool won’t work.

Example  of an arch enemy  which is one of my favorite is Superman vs Lex Luthor.   Who is not necessarily a threat to  superman compared  to Darksied, and Braniac  but for superman  the rivalry between him and lex is personal.

That  is an important aspect to writing  the  arch enemy rivalry .  They have to be  some personal  adversary  to the  other character.   And it should be personal   on both sides.  He  should  also be just as strong and a worthy adversary .

Okay  so if you read my  earlier post  at  any point and time on this blog   I talk  about Cristan  and Adrian  a lot  (the two  love interest of Sirena)  I will  continue to talk  about them  a lot  .  However they carry  more weight to the story than just being  Sirena’s  two love interest.

They are rivals  for each other in regards to who will  be alpha of their pack.  This rivalry  starts basically  way before  the book  even starts.  They are  literally barking  at  each other  almost in every scene over  leadership .  It comes to a point where  Adrian  goes as far as  to conspire  to kill and rid  of Cristen. 

Adrian’s motives to do this against Cristen clearly comes  from  jealousy .   Cristen has had it all  since they were young. Not to mention both his parents alive  together  at one point and time.  Adrian had it stolen from him. He was once  the  son  of an  Alpha and was  supposed to be one himself by birthright , just  like  Cristen. The thing is,  it wasn’t   stolen by Cristen but by   the (Castus  Healer Hunters).

But  Adrian  goes after  Cristen anyway  because  he is  closest  to him  and he can  take  out his anger on him.   And so that  is how  Adrian becomes  Cristen’s archenemy .

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Who are the archenemy’s of your novel?

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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Image by Jhonatan_Perez from Pixabay

I just wrote a  recent post about  the love at first sight trope and  over the weekend   I wrote  about my  characters  in my work in progress  novel being  in a love triangle and how it will begin once I start chapter 12 .  Does  them  being  in a long triangle mean they are  affected by the love at first sight  bug?  Or  Cupid’s arrow? As I explained in my recent post.

Well let me delve into it and analysis my  own characters.

 Okay   so when  my Main character  Sirena   first comes  upon  Cristen , who  I like to call the  first  love interest because they interact first.   Both Sirena and Cristen get this funny   kind of tingly  butterfly  feelings  when he stops her from falling  (a  twilight  moment  , but not  really) They also feel like  they have met  each other before (spoiler ) they have .  (you’ll find out about that later) .

However  Sirena  simply thinks  this upon seeing him in chapter 5

Sirena’s  heart  raced and she  panicked.  That boy. That boy  was the same boy  at the  river  stream who  held her  in  his arms and  then  disappeared.  What  was he doing here?  Where  did he  come from?  The  town did not  receive  new  residents  often. Did he  come from Stella  City? An  Actor?  Dancer? Maybe? No.  She would  have heard of him.  Maybe he was a solider  or  spider agent  come to take  her away  to become a  gatherer because  of her  outburst  at the  river? No . He  would’ve  arrested  her  if  that was  the case.  Was  he  a new student  from Umbra  Valley City? If he was a new  student and  not  a Spider Agent or Dancer where  could she have  seen him  from before?  She knew  him from somewhere  other than at the river.

He had  a small leaf looking  scar on the  side  of his prominent  cheek bone  that appeared  to be imprinted  or burned  into his golden skin that made him appear  older than seventeen or eighteen. But  it could’ve  been a  birthmark. Stubble on  his face  as though  he was growing a beard. Neat. He had muscles. He was fit. He  worked  out.  He probably was a runner? Yeah he defiantly  was a runner . He had  these sort of deep set amber  brown eyes  that were kind of  different as though the  iris  of  his eyes changed  colors.  A spec  of red maybe?

 It was strange. He  wasn’t fine or attractive. He wasn’t even her  type at all.  But his allure was  strong.  Sirena  ogled and awed  toward the boy like all the rest of the girls in her class.  She drew  in a breath  but shook her head  unclear  to why she reacted that way.

Note that   I write  that she thought him  not fine  or  attractive.  However  she is drawn to him like  all the  other girls. Well  in   my work in progress  I  kind of use  that  mortals are attracted  (without knowing)   to werewolves  who are in their  human form . So she  is simply   confused   and curious  but I  wouldn’t   say its  love at first sight.  

I  also have  Cristen  reaction  in chapter 6

When the  mortal girl Sirena almost fainted he threw himself to help her. He  tried to  ignore  her  but  her despair  was different than the rest of the mortals.  She wanted answers to her  friend’s disappearance.   And somehow he didn’t  crave for her heart in his mind. She was like a pacifier. She subdued the cravings and the rage.  There was no green-eyed abnormality  to  think  of. Only the fluttering butterflies swarming  each and every way through  her  thoughts. Beyond the butterflies  there  was this movements of  a white sun; circles, spirals and rays that shown through her downtrodden yellow  blue spirit . Glimmers of  her sitting in a room full of people  gawking  at her as though  deciding her fate…glimmers  of her laughing with her friends- a girl and a boy…glimmers of a man laughing with joy… glimmers of a girl dancing  in  snow… glimmers of  a women brushing her hair… glimmers  of her and another  girl laughing and swatting each other with a soft feather material in a brightly colored room…glimmers of her dancing.. her dancing was- was like ice   droplets falling.    Those glimmers  of her life  all  spun  together ,  uneven , disorganized , collapsing. He reached out for them and tried  to settle  the  moments of her life, to keep them still. To go deeper into-but he couldn’t  reach  the  white sun  even if  he tried. How could he make it stop?

So in this passage I try to explore  that  he  is able to see  who  she truly  is and how she  feels .   Which he wants  to  take away her sadness  and make her happy.  Because  she is somehow the only  one to pacify  his  cravings  from the mortal hearts in the room  and also  his rage .   But he can’t  seem  to take  away her despair (he doesn’t know  how.  He hasn’t  fully mastered  his abilities yet.  And  another  spoiler-  he  won’t especially  when  it comes to dealing with Sirena)  . And  he doesn’t  understand why  he is  having these  feelings about her.  

So it’s  not  a  love at first sight  thing for Cristen  it’s just  that he is also questioning their  connection with one another . And he also wants to figure out  why  she can  settle  his rage. But   these  feelings  don’t  overtake his mind   dispelling his   main goal which  is to get off the  mountain.   And plus  he thinks she’s mortal so .  He’s  not going there  with that.

Let’s see  if it was love at first sight  with Adrian and Sirena

The  first time  Adrian meets Sirena  in chapter  7

 He leaned back and abruptly glanced down at her in his arms. He forgot he was even holding her. He gasped . He had never seen a mortal close up before, nevertheless another girl before besides own his sister. The girl was beautiful. He gazed down at her and grazed his fingers lightly against her cheek. wait, what was going on? he sniffed her. Why could he hold her and  not transform into his Canine?  He didn’t know why but he did know he couldn’t just leave her there …

 He placed the girl next to a tree . He glanced down at her,  pushed her hair gently out of her face and smirked ….

Glanced at the girl one more time and sped toward the pack…

With Adrian  I can’t say it is love at first sight because  he has   never  seen  another girl before .  Mortal or Werewolf , besides   his own sister. His first  reaction of her  is  that  she is beautiful  .  But he is just curious and  nothing  more  .   Once again they   think  Sirena  is human . 

Here is a reaction to Sirena meeting  Adrian for the first time in chapter 11

Adrian just looked at her as she cringed touching her head. Finally she turned looking up at him. No, more like through him, and started to stand up.  She didn’t say anything. She just scrutinized him but not like the other mortals did….

For Sirena  it’s  definitely  not love  at first sight  when meeting  Adrian and this is not even  in her  POV but Adrian’s POV.  But  he describes  her as scrutinizing  him not in the way others  did.  You going to come to find out that she  does it not out of  oh I’m in love  with you but  out of  recognition that  she has seen him before but in  wolf  form.   Strange I know,  but it will be more  clear  once  my novel is finished and you  can actually read it.

With  these passages  they clearly   show  that there  is no love at first sight  anywhere  with my characters. However  when the two  werewolf boy will realize  that she  is a  werewolf herself  they will  get  some sort  of  well not  love at first sight but  more  attraction at first site  .   And I’m  also going to mention that  my novel’s  story  takes place in a week’s  time as  by the end of the book it  is  the main character’s  birthday.  And  she does end  up kissing  one of the werewolf boys but that still   doesn’t  account for love at first  sight.

So to answer my own  questions based on my  own analysis of my  characters  I would say no  they haven’t  caught  the love at first sight bug and I  don’t use the trope in my novel . Well… at least not yet….

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Have your characters  caught the love at first  sight  bug in your novel?

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What is it about the love at first  sight  trope  that drives people mad ? Why is it sworn  off by most novelist? The last time it was  used  by  a novelist  was  2008 in Suzanne Collins , Hungers  Games . The last time it was used in a film  was  2018’s  Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation. And  in  2017 for the TV Show  Billions. And before  2008  when Suzanne Collins  used   the trope  , it wasn’t used  since 1977  in the book The Silmarillion by  J R.R. Tolkien . So yeah  fiction novelist simply do not use  it anymore that much .

I ask again  what is it about the love at first sight trope  that all  novelist swear against?  Is  this trope  simply  cursed ?

 But first lets  answer this question what  is love at first sight as used  in fiction?

Love at first sight is a  common  convention  and trope  within  literature  where a person   feels immediately  attracted  to  another upon  meeting them for the  first  time.   The    term love at first  sight  originated from Greek mythology   meaning    madness  from   the gods  and  if you had it,    it was a clear   sign  that you  were affected  by Cupid ‘s   arrow .  And if you were pierced  by the love dart   you would   immediately  be overwhelmed  with desire and love sickness  and become  spellbound and charmed  by the intended.

Examples  of how  this  trope  has been used is in:

  • Romeo and  Juliet 
  • Aladdin 
  • Frozen

Even  though these  examples  used the trope  well  some believe  that the trope  is difficult to write  and  is unable  to  be  believable in a story.  For a love at first sight storyline   to actually   work  there  needs  to be  a Plausible connection between the characters .  But others   believe  the trope as fantasy  so anything goes  and so it’s easy for them to write. Moreover love  at first sight simply does not  and cannot exist  but attraction  and lust  at first  sight  can.   

And that is easily assessed  to what people are really writing.   But   it easily   becomes  cliché  if the  writer  is not careful .  And so that’s  what happens and that’s  why the writer  fails  at writing this type of story.

The characters  need to be attracted to each other and have chemistry   enough that   readers  will care about the romance at  hand. But  the characters  themselves  also have to be interesting on their own  reserves . If not the  this  love  at first sight  storyline  can fall  apart before it even gets started . Lastly in order for a full fledge plausible  love at first sight story  it  can  help   if you develop  the romance over time and show  it subtly  throughout the novel. 

Okay so my answer to the earlier  question  is  its not cursed  it   just  merely  overused and  wrongly   executed .  There is no reason a writer cannot  use it and turn the trope’s  clichéness  around  like  for  instance  Frozen did.   They parodied the crap out of  the trope  and you can’t  say  you didn’t  have a couple of laughs  about  it. I sure  did.  

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What are your thoughts about the love at first sight trope?

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I’m  starting my chapter  12 tonight and tomorrow.  

This upcoming scene within the next chapter will be a scene of disarray and disorder because of the result of what happened in the reveal from the last scene and chapter. A fire will break out. It will be chaotic. 

The the four pov  characters  are going to pass by each other unknowingly.

Only Cristan and Adrian  will interact with each other in this next scene .

Xavier  and Mary ‘s  plans will get altered due to this fire . 

Adrian is going to blow a lid yelling at Cristen for lying to them about Sirena.

There  is also going to be a search scene for  Sirena and  Eli  and  that is going to be cerebral and chaotic as well. 

So here  is my playlist  for this  chapter:

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What  songs do you play  while you  write your  novel?

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In one of my earlier post   I  told you  I was going to talk about  different rivalries   in fiction.  I  went over unused  and uncommon   rivalry   which is sibling rivalry.   Another   type of rivalry  , a common  rivalry  that   is used in almost all  genres of fiction today is the love triangle .  And it   has  finally begun in my novel. Well… Sort of … How  is this a rivalry?   Let me  explain  further .


A love triangle  is a  story trope  that  involves  a rivalry  between two characters  competing for  the love of a  third character. In a love triangle the third character usually  has  to choose between the two characters that have fallen in love with them. It is usually between two  guys and girl. These  characters usually have to be well  rounded  to be believable.

 A love triangle could either be the main plot  in a story  or a subplot to  the overall story.   From what I gathered over the years  there is a  50/50   opinion about  love    triangles  where people either hate them or love them.  And the  love triangle is mostly  sometimes thought of as  cliché .   They are seen everywhere in every movie and  in every book  .  Mostly common YA  fiction   where  most books  use  it as the main plot .

Some well know book  that have the love triangle rivalry  is:

 The Raven Cycle, by  Maggie Stiefvater( a paranormal  fantasy that concentrates  mostly on a  treasure hunt  while slowly revealing the love  triangle.)

Dumas’s classics The Count of Monte Cristo(  features a love triangle strong enough to seek revenge and start a war)

The Vampire Diaries, by L.J. Smith(  two  vampire brothers  rival for the love of one girl )

These books that I mentioned above mostly have the love triangle as subplot except for maybe  the last  one.

This leads me in talking about my work in progress  werewolf  novel  During The Blue Hour.  I chose  to go with a subplot  for all the love  triangles in m novels 

Here is all my characters that have love triangles:

  1. ADRIAN-SIRENA- CRISTEN(1st book During the Blue Hour- subplot but  the main  love  triangle subplot)
  2. GABBY- ELI-HELENE ( 1st book During the Blue Hour-  lesser love triangle  subplot , subtly mentioned )
  3. BASTIAN-IMANI-ROLLO (2ND BOOK – lesser love  triangle  subplot )
  4. IMANI – BASTIAN-MERCEDES -ROLLO-(2ND+4TH BOOK – lesser love  triangle  subplot )
  5. CRISTEN-SIRENA- CHEMSEN (2ND +4TH BOOK – main   love  triangle subplot)
  6. ELI-AMARANTHA- MARCUS – (3RD  BOOK STANDALONE MAYBE / main love triangle   subplot )

I’m going to narrow it down and just talk a little about  the main love triangle subplot  from my first and current novel  I’m currently  working on.

The love triangle  subplot  in this first novel actually  will  begin on the 12th  chapter of my 2nd draft.  Even though there  are small hints throughout  the story  already  . It won’t be apparent  until this chapter.

The two love  interest Adrian and Cristen  won’t actually realize  they have  feeling for Sirena  until  after  they find out  she is  a werewolf. Based  on how they are  raised  they  don’t  really have any interest   n romancing  and mating  with a human girl and I don’t explore that  until  maybe my 3rd  book , in which case Eli will be the human that a new werewolf  character named Amarantha  falls  in love with.

But  anyways there will be sparks between them  all that they will ignore up until chapter   12.  Not only  because  they think  she is human but because they also have their own goals .

Cristen wants help from the earth diver to  get off the mountain but in order to do that he has to  help Sirena.   

Adrian wants to become the alpha and so  he  thinks  he can use  his new found knowledge  about Sirena to  do that.

This love triangle between the three will  consist of a lot of jealously , betrayals and secrets .

The main Character Sirena  will  be interested in both of them and she will have a reason to be interested in both of them.  They will be her first ever love  interest. 

She is interested  in Adrian  because  he seems to understand her in a way. They  seem to get along  and she likes Adrian  because he never seems to be afraid to tell her the  truth  of things no matter how harshly  he delivers  it.  And she respects him for that.  And also he ends  up saving her most of the time. 

With her falling for Cristen, he  is reasonable, compassionate, and kind to her.  He seems to understand  her differently  because he can easily read  her emotions and  see through  her insecurities  because  of his powers and abilities.  He connects her with his emotions and  calms her  emerging  werewolf  rage.  And  she is able to do the same , calming him of his  werewolf rage  since his powers are not fully developed as  well.

I  don’t have Sirena really going back and forth  over them like a drag out decision . Time is of the essence and she really has no time to  play  teenage  love games with the two werewolf boys .  Because she is about to become a  werewolf  herself .

I  only put in a little section within the novel where  both Adrian and Cristen will  give her an ultimatum   to choose between them  but  she is like , ‘wait hold  the phone’  .  She is new  to the  whole boyfriend   experience and feelings  thing  especially  with them both being werewolves  where they date differently.  They don’t date  . They mate  and become pair bonds. (pair bonds is a real thing  in the real world  in wolf society. Check this article out about  pair bonds) But in my novel they can’t officially mate until they get  to the  werewolf community anyway.  

Another reason why they are rushing her to make a choice is because  they have never seen another  werewolf girl besides  Imani. And Imani  is Adrian’s sister who is  the future  pair bond to  Bastian.  Cristan  always  also saw imani as a  sister  so yeah . Sirena  is basically the only werewolf  girl  right now they can choose from. 

Sirena basically  tells them they are both  crazy and she is not going to mate with them .

This particular scene  in my first draft that will soon be in my 2nd draft  doesn’t  mean Sirena doesn’t  choose  one of them . She does . I don’t want to really tell  you who but  there is a kissing  scene between Sirena and one of the  two boys.  And the other  boy is  greatly devastated by Sirena’s  choice.

This choice  that Sirena makes will bring a lot of conflict  between both Adrian  and Cristen   even though they  already hate  each other  over the whole  alpha   situation( I talk about that  type of rivalry  in a different post)  Her  decision  doesn’t  make anything better   in the story. 

Even other characters hate her for  what she decides.  Let  me just  give you a little (spoiler). Her decision comes to a tragic  buildup .  She is never selfish  about  her decision and she doesn’t  string them along but  it’s  just that the reveal  of  secrets  and lies  get in the way and makes her choice  worse  for everybody  at  the end .

This   love triangle  subplot   is  basically  scattered   mostly toward  the middle and end of my novel.  I can’t say  that  the three character actually fall  in love  perse .   All three of these characters  just have these  new found feelings . They are all teenagers in this first novel  .   And they don’t  know what their  feelings are  yet. But they will continue on to the next book.  

The  only  two characters  I  can say that  know exactly   what their feelings are  with each other are Bastian and Imani. But their true love will  be tested  in my later  books  and  I  don’t  know  where those particular  love triangle  storylines will go yet .  

Did I  need a love triangle in this  first novel?  No . I mean I could  have done without  one.  I didn’t have one in my pre-draft screenplay version . But I just thought  it would be fun to add more conflict to the  story.  I kind of  like  reading love triangles in other novels and thought I’d give  it a try writing  about one  myself.  

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All this week I have been talking about   how  I just finished up with  my chapter 11 and  in my opinion a big reveal  . I  loved writing the  last scene in chapter 11  and in the  next  few chapters  there will  be  a lot   of other reveals,  reactions and  revelations  as  a sort of domino effect  from what happened  in the  last  scene of chapter  11.

And like   I said  that  last  scene is a  big reveal.   And  I hope it will be a big  reveal to the readers   and the readers  will  go  ” oh”  or “aha” . 

What  is a  Reveal Scene?

A reveal scene  is   usually a secret  that  suddenly  changes  the events   or reversal of  circumstances in the story. A  surprise   for both the reader and character .

In order  to be successful  in writing a reveal the writer must ensure that the  reveal will escalate the stakes and/or evolve at least one conflict. 

In my novel the reveal that I  left off  with in chapter  11  was that Sirena is actually a werewolf .  And  it surprises Adrian because he is the one  that  sees the reveal. Because   all this time he had thought  she was human.  Another  reveal that  I give off  in this scene to Adrian is that  she is not just a  werewolf like them but a somewhat powerful werewolf that he  has never seen before.   And this  reveal  will escalate the stakes fully  and believe   me will draw  in a lot of conflict  for all of the characters . 

What is a reaction scene?

Is the scene  where  a character simply reacts to what went on in the previous scene.  It starts with  a response  of what happened  and then  a  dilemma   or decision on what to do about  what was  revealed in the previous   scene.  It  gives the characters  time to process  what  has happened.  How will the character  use  their knowledge .

So Adrian’s   reaction to the big reveal of chapter 11 will affect every other character’s decision throughout the rest of the novel.

His reaction  is so  big and important because  he is the only  one as of  right now in my writing  that knows the truth  about  Sirena .   Not   even  Sirena realizes the truth about herself.   So Adrian right now is the most powerful person in the story . 

 Adrian   will  react kind of pompous.  He  will  not know  really   what to do with this  power he suddenly has  over  the rest of the characters  in my story.   And it is because   mostly he is a  teenager .   All  he knows  is his one goal .  Which  is to become  the alpha  of the yearling pack.  So   what goes through his  mind  instinct after  this scene  is to somehow  use  both  Sirena and her  power  to his  advantage  against Cristen  and the rest of the  pack.   This will create a lot of problems setting off a  domino effect throughout   the rest of the story.

Will he succeed?  Well sort  of I guess . I want him to.   This  however   will lead to revelations.

   What are Revelation scenes?

The final revealing  of  the  reveal  mostly  that solves that current  problem  in the story.  The actual whole  truth of everything.   But can also  create new conflicts or a complication to the  ongoing plot of the story. The  world of the story can either change or stay the same . But perhaps you might not want it to stay the same.  The revelations will  definitely  change the characters and should .  There should be a consequence for the characters  when  writing a revelation.

Because of the big reveal  in my  chapter 11   It  will definitely change all my  characters.  Some will hate themselves  as  result  of the  truth of the  events  that   will unfold   based  on decisions  after learning about Sirena.    

The world itself  will not really change  and there is defiantly consequences  to Adrian’s decisions that he makes  after learning about Sirena.  Sirena will have to face her  fears when she learns   the truth about herself.  Cristan will continue to struggle  with revealing  yet more secrets .  

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